One Step At A Time

The biggest mile stone of my journey has to be walking past infants or toddlers without any tears running down my face. I can now be happy for my friends who are pregnant without secretly being jealous of their new parenthood. Having that negativity, jealousy, and evil inside only made me disgusting inside as well out. Truthfully, I would stray away from everyone because I did not want my misery to rub off on anyone. Everything has it’s own timing so I now accept everything with open arms refusing to allow anything negative in my mind or heart.

Throughout my life I have found many inspirations to motive myself to keep progressing forward instead of backwards. For example I met a older gentleman who beat colon cancer four times in a row…Not only did he have the gift of watching his children grow up but he also had the gift of also watching his grandkids grow up as well. At times he may felt all hope was lost but despite how he may felt…he took only ONE STEP AT A TIME. Growing up I had a teacher who lost everything in a house fire but even though she lost it all…she patiently took ONE STEP AT A TIME and within a year she had a new house to call her own. To think your life should be a walk on Easy Street is ludacris because most would not see it as the blessing it is unless there was hard work that had to be included toward it. *Nothing worth having comes easy* Think about the 12 years of work in school you had to put in just to receive your high school diploma…Even If you make the decision to receive your GED you have to put in work to test high enough in order to receive it…Rushing will most likely not work in your favor vs. pacing yourself taking ONE STEP AT A TIME…*Rushing* only leave room for mistakes because we opt out of checking for them closely in detail. 

 While attending group therapy for some time I had the pleasure of meeting other women who could relate to my miscarriages and/or stillborn births. Most are mothers now and their positive outcome stories are what keeps me hopeful despite how depressed I may feel time to time. I try my best to see the good in everyone and everything…That is also why I am a huge believer of *Paying It Forward* because sometimes one good deed can do wonders for someone and also to the person who repay it by helping the next.

Not only am I detoxing my mind but my body as well…Everything happens *ONE STEP AT A TIME* Instead of rushing, pace yourself👍

8 thoughts on “One Step At A Time”

  1. I feel you in so many ways. I have not been through still births buy only ever wanted to have a family. I’m now 37 and spent the last 9 or so years avoiding friends who had children that whole time because kids birthday parties etc would just end me. I’d be in tears and didn’t want to inflict that on other people. I’m taking more steps now to sort things out but I felt like my heart was breaking at every turn. Your post has served as a reminder to take it one step at a time. Thanks for putting yourself out there. Xx

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      1. No but I always wanted to. Tried for 3 years when I was 18 onwards. And then for 3 and a half years with a new partner after that. And then for another 9 years after that even though my fiance at the time kept stuffing me around with yes / no, yes no…he finally said he didn’t want any so I broke it off. I have a new partner now so I’m still trying…I love my step kids but it’s just not the same…A few false alarms which just ended in tears…

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