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Always Remain Humble

Despite how anyone treats me I will always treat those indivuals the exact same way I want them to treat me. However someone may treats you, *good or bad* is not a reflection of yourself but instead its a reflection of the person. “Kill them with kindness” is the motto I live by because no matter the situation I will never succeed if I allow someone’s negativity to influence my mind with evil. Think about the game of “Dominos” Once you knock one down every domino after follows. So when someone makes you feel a certain way it will rub off to the next person who comes in contact you. Sometimes you do not try to take your frutration out on someone but it happens. In the past I was the person who would pop off in a instant…thankfully life showed me that I MUST ALWAYS REMAIN HUMBLE and not allow any indivual to get the best out of me. Once you allow someone to effect your mood he/or she has won. *Do not give anyone to have power over you* I have never been in a physical abusive relationship but I have however been in two emotional abusive relationships. For example, due to the many horrible experiences I encountered at a young age most did not have any clue of it. Both guys would throw it back in my face by saying

  • “You wanted to get raped.”
  • “You should be happy that I wanted you because no other person besides me does.”
  • “When you were pregnant the baby aborted theirselves since you were chosen as the mother.”
  • “Do you actually think I would allow you to walk away from me easily?”

Arguing with anyone is exhausting especially when you have worked all day long. So I would allow both to assume whatever they want in hopes I could rest. At times it would work but other times depending however their mind would convince them to assume determined if I would have peace or not. Heaven forbid I would call it quits from both PEACE would be a myth in itself because of the numerous back to back phonecalls, texts, emails, threats, and nonstop accidents. Even throughout all of that remaining HUMBLE helped me get out of both horrible situations. Instead of allowing both have power over me like before…I DECIDED TO TAKE IT BACK IN A HUMBLE WAY (OF COURSE). Not only did I refuse to stoop down to their level but I also *killed both with kindness* and chosed to be the mature one in both cases. At first I THOUGHT maybe we can both walk away gracefully but after frequent signs I was shown that it was not in my best interest to keep the lines of comunication open…I walked away refusing to look back.

Life has a way of humbling you and I choose to remain that way despite the actions of others. My heart is pure, huge, positive, as well as gentle and sweet. Once I realize that the decision to remain *HUMBLE* is soley on myself alone, I will not allow anyone to influence my mind of otherwise. My advice to everyone around me is to not let one bad apple to ruin the bunch but to instead remove the bad apple in order to not allow it to spoil the others.


9 thoughts on “Always Remain Humble”

  1. beautiful post. i agree with you when after facing great disturbance in life when you decided to live a humble life so no one should allow to ruin your inner life. you are doing great job please keep it on.


  2. This is so much relatable in many levels. This is also one of those mottos I live by. To be kind and gentle everytime I would have the chance. But sometimes, if you feel like being kind won’t work, might as well change the way your attitude towards the person. Know when to protect yourself to have your kindness be abused and taken for granted. 🙂


  3. You are a light! When you wrote, “You should be happy that I wanted you because no other person besides me does” it sent shivers down me as I was told that once. That “bad apple” is no longer around and of that I am thankful. We are always learning xx


    1. Yes! So many people see that as “he or she does really does love me” not as a warning to run. I am happy as well that I am finally free of that type of person. It took awhile but I am truly happy for that and never looking back💪


  4. Great post. Just a couple of thoughts:Thanks for sharing. It’s difficult to maintain good self esteem around abusive persistent people. Sometimes, you have to remove yourself from the environment, and reprogram your thoughts, and dreams. Living a humble life can remind you to be true to you.
    Being humble doesn’t mean being disrespected. Chose you first.


    1. I agree with you fully!👍 It depends on that individual person to choose how much they are willing to take. If the situation is too much to deal with by all means check out but never allow someone to continue the cycle of negativity on others that has nothing to do with the situation. By the way NICE SCREEN NAME!!!💕💞SLAY💞


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