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No Looking Back For Long(Reflecting)

Being able to allow my true feelings out is in a way bittersweet because not many people can understand how extremely hard is it for someone like me. No matter how hard I try to keep a smile on my face for too long, sooner or later my mask start to crack and fall. When… Continue reading No Looking Back For Long(Reflecting)


Sit Back, Observe, and Demand Change

For the LOVE of me I cannot understand why society is so backwards. Instead of giving credit to the indivuals who worked hard to succeed, society rather credit the indivuals that *ACT* horribly. I barely turn on the T.V. due to the fact many people are entertain by the mess...I am not...since I cannot control… Continue reading Sit Back, Observe, and Demand Change


A Negative Attitude Is contagious

Have you ever been around someone who negativity affects the entire group around the person and no matter if its a home residence, school classmates, fellow co-workers, or even shoppers in a store who encounter a frustrated employee...ONE NEGATIVE PERSON CAN INFECT SOMEONE ESLE WHO IN TURN KNOWINGLY OR ACCIDENTLY INFECT OTHERS! We should work… Continue reading A Negative Attitude Is contagious

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Leading Me Back

When most are in a panic I am in a calm yet peaceful enviroment that I created for myself and anyone else that wants to join I welcome with open arms. Yes, huricane season is in full effect but stressing yourself out doesn't solve anything at all. Planning is all my household has done...we gathered… Continue reading Leading Me Back

Monday-Sunday Inspiration

Always Remain Humble

Despite how anyone treats me I will always treat those indivuals the exact same way I want them to treat me. However someone may treats you, *good or bad* is not a reflection of yourself but instead its a reflection of the person. "Kill them with kindness" is the motto I live by because no… Continue reading Always Remain Humble



For many years I was the girl who hid everything about herself from the outside world...because of low self esteem, hurt, and how others would judge the choices I made in the past. The same people who I allowed inside would be the same individuals who would throw my insecurities back in my face. I… Continue reading VENTING OUT LOUD