Sit Back, Observe, and Demand Change

For the LOVE of me I cannot understand why society is so backwards. Instead of giving credit to the indivuals who worked hard to succeed, society rather credit the indivuals that *ACT* horribly. I barely turn on the T.V. due to the fact many people are entertain by the mess…I am not…since I cannot control what others allow in their spirit…HOWEVER, I can control what I take in. I refuse to glorify ignorance. Recently I overheard a mother in a grocery store ask her daughter what she wants to be when she grows up & the child’s anwer was heart shattering. The daughter replied “I want to be a internet star mommy”. The little girl couldn’t be any older than the age of 5.

Is this actually what has become of us as a whole? Why is it that majority of the our youth now rather become a *RAPPER, OR INTERNET SENSATION, OR INSTAGRAM MODEL, OR YOUTUBE STAR, OVER BECOMING DOCTORS, LAWYERS, POLICE OFFICERS, TEACHERS, OR CEO’S OF THEIR OWN COMPANY? Each and everyone of our youth creates the blueprint of the future and we have failed them horribly. They see the glamour but not the struggle or plan explanation behind the action. Reality T.V. now has agenda meaning the certain indivuals on it is using the platform to fast forward their way to the top. Mind you, I question the parent or parents who allow their 15 year old or younger child to watch it. I may not personally have children of my own but in my opinion no adult should be *ok* with that. Mom/Dad,Uncle/Aunt,Godmother/Godfather,Nanny/Babysitter, or even his/or her Mentor. When a child first decide to crawl most attempt by seeing someone else do it. When a child first decides to speak most attempt after hearing someone else. The same goes for when a child decides to attempt walking. One of my biggest pet peeves is when a child accidentally swears and the adult that hear it laughs or try to convince the child to repeat it again. Its all fun and games until your teenager cuss you out…why become outrage now when you allowed it to happen when the child was younger?! It was cute before but because of the fact you allowed it, you cannot decide NOW that you want to correct it. If you had corrected the problem at first this issue would not have ever existed. Allow your child to be a child because those years a child can never have back. Something is horribly wrong when a fight break out and instead of calling for help people scream “WORLDSTAR” and pull phones out to record it. The way that everything is now makes me sick to my stomach…I often question myself as to if I seriously want children because this whole world is a complete mess but I also know the type of mother I will be and maybe my child can become just what the future needs.

Even though I was not the perfect child and had a colorful childhood as well as teenage years before my parent became my friend growing up I had a PARENT FIRST and I am extremely greatful because of it. Anytime I acted up or got in trouble at school I was always held accountable for it…there was no decision on a daily basis as to what I want to eat…whatever was cooked was my choice if I did not want to go to bed hungry…my cellphone then had no lock on it because my parent paid the bill and what was I hiding on it…Facebook account for what? Back then Myspace was the thing and my parent had the password to it…Locking my bedroom door was not an opinion at all but the one time I actually did my parent removed the entire door lock with the quickness. Attending school wasn’t my choice, it was my requirement unless I truly sick and the doctor had proved it. Most of my teenage years was my rebellion stage and even though my parent kept a eye on me, I still did my dirt. You cannot be with your child 24/7 but however you can trust the guidance you planted into him/or her and pray that your child remembers it and step out on faith.

  • I dated the same sex for about 3 or 4 years.
  • I received my first tattoo at the age of 16 without my parent’s approval.
  • I would skip class every now & then.
  • I attended a Alternative Education school after getting kicked out of a regular high school as well as middle school also.
  • The lowest G.P.A. I ever received in school was (.0911)

The reason why I say I had a PARENT before I had a FRIEND is despite how much trouble I would get into I always was held accountable and I was constantly told “If you go to jail keep in mind I will never ever bail you out because you were grown enough to make your decision…be grown as well to deal with the consequences that come along with it.”

*For the record I have never been arrested as a teenager or adult. I acted out alot but never to the extreme as kids I see now.* I am very close to the age of 30 and still do not swear around my parent or disrespect her in any way whatsoever. Something has to truly give because this is too much and if we want to make it better IT SHOULD START WITH US AS WHOLE! The blame game should stop because dispite how horrible your childhood was there is no reason for the cycle to continue with your children. Be a parent and lay down the law…you can be their friend later. The reason for my turn around was because of God and also my mother. My household growing up was religous and after going through the difficult times after trying to fix my problems myself I recalled my mother saying “Pray and speak to him”. After trying every solution I possibly could…I decided to give her sugestion a try. Not only did her advice helped me tremendously but it also brought me back to him. Let’s please do better with our youth.

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