Speak Your Truth

Why is *honesty* so difficult for some indivuals but come easy to a selective few? When someone conceal their TRUTH it cause internal constipation. How do you know that your TRUTH cannot help motivate others? Do you think as if evently your TRUTH will fade away or vanished? Sad to say but until you aknowledge your TRUTH will you will always have internal constipation. Trust me, when you finally release everything that has been holding you hostage for so long you will allow yourself to be free for once and for all.

For years I held all my problems locked inside, failing to understand that by my actions I was holding my own self back. I had to realize that if someone cannot accept you for you then whoever it was had no place in your life anyway!🌟 The person did your clean up for you….HOW GREAT IS THAT?! Life is extremely too short for anyone to hide anything. We make mistakes along the way so that we can LEARN from it, not to hide them away hoping the mistakes will eventually vanish. Many wish it could be the case but life doesn’t work that way. Do not allow anyone to hide your voice! One of the characters that make you unique is your voice because its a special eddition…no one has it. The world was only blessed with one of you…consider yourself special because in reality you truly are. Add your *TRUTH * along with it and you will see how amazing of a person you honestly are. Anyone who see you diffrently are reflecting the view of theirselves onto you. My advice to you is stay true to yourself and walk in your truth proudly and regret nothing no matter how much guilt get placed onto you for simply BEING YOURSELF. Perfection does not exist, its a old wise myth that we have been hearing for the longest. Santa, The Tooth Fairy, The Boogie Man, Vampires, The Easter Bunny, Unicorns, The Fountain of Youth and many more are also myths but that does not stop people from allowing it be “true” in their minds. Your truth belongs to only yourself and no one has the power preventing you from speaking on it.

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