The Reason

The reason I started this blog was to show the world that no matter how horrible your life is YOU HAVE THE POWER TO OVERCOME IT…For the longest I was stuck in my dispair and allowed it to steal precious time that I cannot ever get back. I do not want anyone to make the same exact mistake that I once did…For many years I stopped my OWN progress foolishly. While everyone else around was moving forward, I was stuck.

Once I noticed everything, slowly I began to move as well tuning out my surroundings at the same time I also started teaching myself how to have tunnel vision and remain focus on my physical & mental health. You can not fix one without fixing the other because the way you feel about yourself will regards of what you may have been told will reflect on the outside. I know this from experience! My soul was broken and because of my severe Depression my bed became my cave and even though it seemed at the beginning I tricked myself into believing that the front I was protraying was a award winning performance….*The joke was on me since over time my mask started falling off revealing my true identity.

I went to many mental health physicians as well as diffrent counselors…because of the my religous background I also attended Christian counseling. I cannot say everyone that saw me did not help…but I can say the professionals who could speak on the subject from experience did.

*HINT HINT* I am not in no way taking the professional who have not credibilty because their degree or certification speaks for itself. Yes indeed their knowledge is indepth but add it with experience allows the person to think and see what could be light at the end of thier dark, cold, deep, and cramped tunnel. Hearing that someone made it out will serve as proof to those empty indivuals who once thought it was IMPOSSIBLE!

Ask yourself why on almost everything you are asked to speak on your experience? Would you allow someone to fix your car that has no experience with the problem your car has vs. someone who has and can speak from experience on how he/she corrected the issue?

Any physician can prescribe medications, exams, give their professional opinions, and create a patient’s treatment plan but how many can prescribe as well give their patient doses of HOPE? Not many…because it cannot be taught. Unless you have been in familiar shoes most will not snap out of it because their HOPE has not yet been prescribed yet. The great thing about everything is experience is my degree along with many others and because of our experiences we are certified to take out our prescription pad and start prescribing *HOPE*

8 thoughts on “The Reason”

  1. As a therapist who has gone through trauma, I cannot agree more.
    In addition to those who know, therapists who truly listen and learn from their clients, they get it!

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    1. That is true as well. I remember when my actual physican who was assigned my case started complaining to a fellow coworker that I did not give my medication time to adjust to my body…The same physican who she approached about me was the same physican who took over her patients when she took off. She literally changed my medication after looking over my file without saying anything negative to me about her fellow co-worker. After feeling a connection with because I finally felt someone understood me and I decided after that ONE visit to switched to her care. When I asked what made her switch my medications the answer I received was simple…because she was once in same shoes as me. The reason behind why she became a Physiologist was due to the one she had that gave her a dose of *HOPE*🙏 So I can only imagine how many doses you inject into the lives of others…Thank you for the many contributions you make on a daily basis😉

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  2. Thank you for visiting my blog — i’m flattered that you liked my ‘Grams of Inspiration’ — i hope you’ll feel invited to come back for more 😉

    “no matter how horrible your life is YOU HAVE THE POWER TO OVERCOME IT” — i like this, and everything else you say about speaking from a place of personal experience. In this world of specialists it seems like people are becoming reluctant to speak from a place of experience. It sure has to be done cautiously — as you point out, credentials + experience is the way to go! Keep up with it 😉

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