A Negative Attitude Is contagious

Have you ever been around someone who negativity affects the entire group around the person and no matter if its a home residence, school classmates, fellow co-workers, or even shoppers in a store who encounter a frustrated employee…ONE NEGATIVE PERSON CAN INFECT SOMEONE ESLE WHO IN TURN KNOWINGLY OR ACCIDENTLY INFECT OTHERS! We should work to not allow the cycle to continue and break it before it becomes a epidemic. Sadly enough today I allowed myself to be a victim of it.

I allowed someone’s bad energy to shake up my inner peace. After a few moments of self reflecting the first action I took was apologizing for allowing the situation to take place. The huge step forward after many years of being self destructive my actions were extremely disappointing. After the disappointment came, the ownership of the mistake of allowing the situation to have taken place. Knowing that everyone has their own personal reasons behind their emotions, I cannot control theirs…but I can however, control my response.

As the saying “Misery loves company”…never allow anyone to infect you.


6 thoughts on “A Negative Attitude Is contagious”

  1. Can you say it louder??? You are so right! Bad energy can affect mood, and energy levels. I’ve always said to be careful of the company you keep. Misery can drain ya. Great post!
    B4 you judge my title…read my articles😋

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