Monday-Sunday Inspiration

Motivational Monday

The time right now is 1:01am and while some maybe tucked in their bed…I am up listening to my mp3 player. Thankfully I am able to see Monday morning while some are not. The simplest gifts🎁 are often overlooked while our minds shift our thoughts on negative *temporary* things giving the illusion that the situation is *permenant*. If you are able to see another sunrise🌞 the circumstance you are facing is TEMPORARY….because if you don’t like it…GUESS WHAT…you have a brand new day to CHANGE it. The more time you spend dwelling on the “WHAT IF’S” you take up valueable time out of  day. There are only 24 hours in a day…spend It wisely.
No matter how small, always remain humble as well as thankful. Nobody on earth life is perfect…If you find someone who has *PLEASE* tell me and correct my statement. Why would you fail to give credit whan credit is due? Despite how poorly you may feel your life is there is always someone who is worse off than you. As yourself these questions….

  • Do I have a roof over my head?
  • Do I have a source of income that is allowing me to provide for myself or family?
  • Do I have reliable transportation? (public transportation, the two legs & feet you were blessed to have been  given, Uber, your personal own car, or having someone who takes you from point A…to point B)
  • Are your children healthy? *BLOOD RELATED OR NOT*
  • Do you atleast have ONE person you know without a shadow of a doubt is in your corner….GOOD OR BAD?
  • Are you able to pick up the phone to call your parents?
  • Are you able to wake up each morning next to the love of your life? 
  • Can you say that even though you may consider yourself as “BROKE” all your bills are paid? If so…trust me, you are broke only by choice not by force…also we are what most call “RESPONSIBLE”. Do not allow anyone to make you think differently.

No matter if you are on hourly or salary don’t allow yourself to only see one your cup as half full or half empty…keep reminding yourself that your cup is always *REFILLABLE AS WELL AS CHANGABLE*. If you see that that cup is over flowing do yourself a favor and look into the dish rack and pull out a bigger size up; If your cup is running low do yourself a favor and open the fridge and refill your cup. Nothing comes easy in life…but keep in mind “Only the strongest survive” If God didn’t think that you are able to overcome everything that life has thrown your way…I highly doubt He would allow it. Betting is something he would never do but in that same sense has He ever been wrong? If because it may in fact SEEM to you or others…his motives are dead on point and sometimes our fears blind our eyes knowingly to distract our view. Stepping out on faith seems crazy at times but in order for a baby to learn how to walk that same child has to step out on faith each time the child stands up…despite the number of times he/she may fall…the determination of the child becomes greater than the fear. After awhile the child observe their mistake and try to avoid it the next few times. Each time the child falls out of frustration the tears run down their face😨. 

The parent may seem as if he\she is missing in action but in reality the parent is not. The child is never alone…before the child hits the ground the child’s parent swoops in and catches their fall. That same situation applies to us in a since. 🙏No matter how many times we may fall in my personal situation God always caught me when I am extremely close to hitting the ground. At times I may feel as if He isn’t there but I have not allow my fear to over shadow my determination to rise back up and try once again.

Remember “a positive mindstate brings positive results”! 

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