Finding The Good In Life No Matter What

Have you ever looked over your life and realize YOU stopped many of blessings you were meant to have? I haven’t been blogging a lot lately because of work, personal problems, and internal conflict I have been battling lately. When certain situations come to my attention I literally have to disconnect from reality to see the light at the end of the tunnel. For the people who don’t know me probably take my silence as a form of disrespect without asking. Work is another story because I under any circumstances will I ever bring anything with me into my workspace. One thing in life I can say personally is true, everyone give off a body language without trying to do so. 

I constantly have to make others understand “it’s nothing personal…I just need a moment”. Meditation is so amazing because it puts everything in perceptive and also control my anxiety better than any meditation I have ever been prescribed. Part of the reason why I decided to stop all medication and came up with the solution of taking the natural approach instead. With the help of many professionals, close circle of friends, and mentors; I fully believe I made the right choice. Natural remedies has not given me any side effects no matter what I took unlike the pharmacy medication that was prescribed to me. Either I was walking around like a zombie or blurry vision to the point driving was not possible at all. My balance was way off and I would stumble quite often due to the medications no matter how many I would switch off of the cycle continued to repeat itself. After years of the back and forth I called it quits and went a diffrent route.

At times life in general can be overwhelming. In the past I would lash out on anyone who reaches out to me because of the many people who I allowed in that I confided in that would tell others without telling me. Eventually I had to allow myself to forgive them in hopes I would not make others pay for their mistakes. Growing up I would see the worst in everything avoiding the positive. Now…I TRY MY HARDEST TO SEE THE POSITIVE IN EVERYTHING. 
If you only focus on the negative even when you have the positive clear in your face because of that fact you miss out on it. Basically speaking, you just forfeited your blessings. For many years I have forfeited my blessings by only seeing the worst in every situation I have been in. The older I get the more I am able to analyze my life correctly.


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