Do you believe that the universe sends everyone certain signs? (I believe God sends ME signs when I am at my lowest.) Not everyone has the same spiritual or religious belief; So that’s why I chose to write the universe…My only hope is for everyone reading this understand the message behind my post.

 I met a woman recently who basically told me to never lose my beautiful smile. For her to come out of nowhere and speak positivity into existence for  me. The reason I wholeheartedly see the woman as a sign because the night before tears were running down my face in dispair. Not only that I also feared that my mind was very close to winning the battle I fight daily in hope I will be able to wave my white flag and give up for good.
The elderly woman had no idea what I have experienced in life and know my story like some individuals do. I have a hard time allowing people in because of the many issues I had with other individuals…Slowly but surely I am changing myself mentally as well as physically also. I will never claim to be perfect, instead lets say “I am a work in progress”.  

“PERFECTION DOES NOT EXIST” Signs come in all shape and sizes but do not allow your pain distract and blind you from seeing the signs that you are meant to acknowledge. Behind everything a propose goes hand in hand with it. If you think differently I can agree to disagree but for me *I THINK DIFFERENTLY.* So many signs I have ran across in my lifetime; some I chose stupidly to ignore and because no matter how deeply I want to be able to travel back in time…LIFE DOESN’T ALLOW ANYONE TO TRAVEL BACK, LIFE ONLY TRAVELS FORWARD. 

The elderly woman also told me the correct meaning of my name. My name isn’t simple by any means…either most cannot pronounce it correctly or spell it correctly…sometimes even both. By the woman knowing both including the orgin of it plus the meaning; I refuse to think it was just a “lucky guess”. I may not have the life I want for myself or feel alone occasionally or at times want to surrender and wave my “white flag”…by her speaking positive over my existence and proving that even if my mind tricks me into believing I have no one in my corner at all…She proved that my job is not complete yet and keeping smiling. 

  • SMILE- no matter how defeated I may feel
  • SMILE- despite what may be going on around you
  • SMILE-through every single storm that comes my way
  • SMILE-no matter how bruised, scared, broken, fragile, heavy, or useless I may feel

  • Before things become better, it will get worst and I vow to myself to remain positive despite my circumstances. “Fairytales” are only a myth when people assume out of nowhere it just magically happens. The truth is you have to seek it and create it for yourself. 
  • If you want happiness in your life, BUILD IT!
  • If certain situations do not help your atmosphere LET IT GO!
  • If you want change BECOME THE CHANGE YOU WANT!
  •  If toxic people are currently in your life WALK AWAY FROM THOSE SAME INDIVIDUALS AND NEVER LOOK BACK!


4 thoughts on “Signs”

  1. I believe in signs, in synchronity… there are no random things… but I believe as well that what we think/believe that we experience.
    I copied here your words:
    “Before things become better, it will get worst …”
    ““Fairytales” are only a myth when people assume out of nowhere it just magically happens. The truth is you have to seek it and create it for yourself.”
    Life is a mirror of your beliefs- it shapes itself according to the vibrations you send out. The universe just answers to your vibes, so you get what you cłaim.
    So, does it get worse before it gest better? Can you absolutely know that It’s true?
    Are fairytales only a myth ? Are you sure?
    Life is more magical than the most people can even imagine. Miracle happen everyday but first we have to allow their existence to be able to experience them🙂

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    1. Very true in a sense you must allow the signs to become visable in order to accept the meaning behind it. I understand what you are saying for the most part. We are the authors of our personal book of “Life” the past cannot be erased but we have the power to create our ending.💗

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