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Let Me Be Honest…When it seems like I am blogging inspiration to others it is 🔦INDEED TRUE🔦 as well as inspiring myself to desperately Keep Moving Forward👉 These past couple of months has been extremely overwhelming emotionally & physically. Instead of running to ALCOHOL 🍸, PILLS💊, OR HIDING FROM MY PROBLEMS like I did in the past…I did the unthinkable & ran straight into the core of it all! At some point I had to *face the music🎶 * Hiding do not help at all because eventually you get the urge to come out despite fully understanding the PROBLEM is still there. All you do is take precious time from your life that could be used.

I come to the realization that instead of asking “WHY ME?” Maturity has taught me to step 🚶 out of the box & look at everything at a different angle & stick with the angle that pleases me. It’s common for people to say “LIFE CHANGED ME” but my question to those individuals is “WHAT HAS MATURITY CHANGED”? I can say that *MATURITY* taught me TONS of different things and here are a few👇

  1. If a man can CHEAT with you that same man can cheat on you as well📘
  2. It is not necessarily about what you do while living but mostly about the footprints you leave after📘
  3. Instead of focusing on the problem…FOCUS ON THE SOLUTIONS(it can be more than one)
  4. *IMPOSSIBLE* is a myth…To support my theory the fact that the word *POSSIBLE* is seen in it📘
  5. Before you seek *LOVE💓* from another you must love YOURSELF FIRST📘
  6. Maturity has nothing to do with your age…It’s a mind frame type of thing📘
  7. Treat others the same as you would want someone to treat you📘
  8. If you cannot change a situation, change the way you see it & keep moving📘
  9. Give yourself credit even if others refuse to💪Only you know where you came from & how difficult the journey was for you to be at the place you are at now📘
  10. The way someone treats you only speaks on their character, NOT YOUR CHARACTER📘
  11. It’s easier to LOVE vs. HATE📘
  13. HATE is something that’s *TAUGHT* not given from birth📘
  14. Fairytale endings are realistic because if you one YOU MUST CREATE YOUR OWN📘
  15. Nothing is achievable without putting in THE WORK THAT IS NEEDED BEHIND IT📘
  16. Time is limited and should not be wasted📘
  19. Do not give up before you even START📘
  20. There is a TIME & PLACE for EVERYTHING📘

In the past I would be so emotionally messed up that I could interpret my own THOUGHTS but now I can truthfully admit my RESPONSIBILITY in the choices I have made and MATURITY helped me GROW from each & every EXPERIENCE!

My question now is…WHAT HAVE MATURITY TAUGHT YOU? I would love to hear 👂your answers down in the comments👇💬

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