I am actually writing this to have the individuals who CAN relate to me & and even individuals who MAY NOT. The YEAR 2017 has ended, meanwhile the YEAR 2018 has began. With every ending something will always start and that is a KNOWN FACT. That is why I can proudly say someone may FEEL as if nothing in their life is going well… my advice to him/or her is CONTINUE TO HOLD ON A LITTLE BIT LONGER, the problems you are now facing has a ending date and that is coming sooner than you know. Most people want FAST RESULTS and I understand that but at the same time somethings cannot be rushed in order for satisfied results to take place. For example…most marinate their dishes in order to successfully taste the richest of ingredients that the cook wants to get across. In certain situations in order to get the full effect of something we most allow it to marinate for awhile. Especially if we want to receive the full effect of it!

To all the popcorn lovers out there…what happens if we pull the bag out before the time is done on the microwave? We would not recieve what we truly want because we lack PATIENCE. Things do not happen when you THINK it should; Things happen when you put in the necessary blood, sweat, & tears with much needed PATIENCE as well as DISCIPLINE & DETERMINATION. If you do not want it bad enough, it will not happen. This is a lesson I had to learn because I would want something to happen without taking the necessary STEPS to make sure it happened. I was knowingly allowing my blessings to slip right on by without realizing THE ISSUE WAS MYSELF! 

If you want something to happen in your life don’t just want it *CRAVE IT*! Run after your dreams with full force under each step…refuse to look back if you may think it will slow you down. For instance, when I look back I see everything I REFUSE to run back into or let catch up to me. The greatest thing about my personality is this… instead of looking back in regret I look back and see the situations I OVERCAME & allow that to MOTIVATE ME TO ACHIEVE EVERY GOAL I CREATE FOR MYSELF💪. 
Everyone has a story and the only thing that sets us apart is what we because of  it. 

*For example* The #ME TOO origin started 10 years ago with the activist Tarana Burke. This has been out for years but only started getting publicized recently. (Google the name Tarana Burke and comment below your findings💬👇) 

*For Example* Steve Harvey was homeless for 3 years living out of his car before getting to the place he is currently at now. I recall watching the show where he spoke to the elderly couple who  gave him a place to sleep and helped him travel to comedy shows at that particular time in his life. It does bring me to tears each time I watch it😭.   Here is the link to it👈(credited to YouTube) In Steve Harvey voice “I GOT MONEY NOW”! Comment below and give me your input on this particular topic👇💬.
Figure out what your dreams are & once you have “Do Not Walk, RUN & CHASE YOUR DREAMS”!

Liebster Award

I WAS NOMINATED FOR THE LIEBSTER AWARD….THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was nominated by myloudbipolarwhispers- Sue 👈click here to check out her page🙏

Sue is a amazing writer who have wonderful insite on the topic of MENTAL HEALTH AMONG OTHER TOPICS AS WELL. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for not only nominating me but also for speaking your TRUTH despite what others may assume. Mental health has such a negative stigma attach to it, despite the realization of most are able to have normal everyday lives walking amongst us & many are undetectable to the outside world. Whether than passing judgement, ask questions instead of “assumptions”.

The wonderful asked questions that I will answer now!

1. What is the goal/or purpose of your blog? Starting out my blog started as a way for me to find others who could be going through  or went through similar situations as myself to understand YOU MAY FEEL AS IF YOU’RE ALONE BUT THE TRUTH IS YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If I can pull myself back up, you also have the ability to do.

2. How did you come up with the name of your blog?   “Crackedbutnoteasilybroken” to me fits myself 100% because throughout my entire life I been in situations that were meant to destroy me physically, emotionally, and murder my soul but still I remain here speaking my truth confidently. Some left me CRACKED I will say but BROKEN…NEVER💪. 

 3. Name three things on your bucket list. 1.) I want to travel and visit Jerusalem… 2.) I also want to be the woman I was created to be(NOTHING MORE & NOTHING LESS) before I am called home.

4. What is your favorite quote and by whom? I have tons of favorite quotes but because she is absolutely my favorite author…


5. What are your favorite types of books to read? The types of books I read are autobiographies or nonfiction!

6. What is your favorite movie or/ and television show? I actually love watching “How I met your mother”?

7. What is your best memory of the year 2017? I would say my best memory would be getting up in the morning not allowing yesterday’s problem dictate my feelings on the new day ahead.

8. What did you learn from the year 2017?  What I have learned is that nothing ACTUALLY LAST FOREVER & IF SOMETHING DO, IT ONLY HAPPENED BECAUSE WE GAVE IT THE POWER TO! Trust me seriously because I am speaking from EXPERIENCE! 

9. What are your hopes and goals for the year 2018? My hope is that I continue to live my life unapologetically & my goal is to keep nourishing my soul while helping others as well.

10. What is your favorite post you have written. Please provide the link so everyone can read it. Thank You. My favorite post I have written is called 👑The Queen Who Lost Her Crown 👈👑 I hope others like it as well! 

Know your worth and never let someone tell you differently. Even men as well should know that their royalty started from birth (KINGS). We are all part of the royal family & should go forward from this day forth knowing and walking as such!

To continue the tradition I would like to nominate 10 bloggers who I follow and grown to admire their pages among numerous of others! I only could choose 10 even though more are out there.

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