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One thing I noticed that if your difficult situations do not BREAK YOU mentally or physically the battle is already won. It can be confusing when after one problem here comes something else even harder as if nothing will get back on track. I myself is DEFINITELY NOT a gamer 🎮 but I have known… Continue reading GAMER OF LIFE



On January 18th of this WONDERFUL NEW YEAR 2018 gaillovesgod nominated me for the Brotherhood Of The World Bloggers Award. Even though many days have passed from the time I was nominated...BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!😊 CHECK OUT HER AMAZING PAGE👉GailLovesGod👈 is an amazing blogger who speaks from the ❤ and a sister of mine because… Continue reading BROTHERHOOD OF THE WORLD AWARD

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Sexual Assault, Rape & Molestation happens everyday around the world. For the people who says "Why did he/or she waited so long to report?" Please understand there is NO correct time period to speak on it unless you are seeking criminal actions on the matter. Seeing how time has changed for the better is such… Continue reading #ME TOO