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The Power of Love

I do believe it’s the truth when people often say “love makes you do crazy things” because we all have experienced seeing someone or even becoming the person who has done something you wouldn’t typically do all in the name of love. To some the act may seem a bit bizarre but most times it’s not for others to understand the act because everything is not to be understood unless you have the ability to be able to relate to the circumstances that are visibly there. When looking back at past relationships I had to do a lot of forgiving, accepting, ignoring, with followed by realization…allow me to explain why.
The start of it all began with FORGIVING myself for making what I now recognize as irrational decisions because the only individual who had control of my mind was me and if I felt that someone owned me an apology there was only one person who it had to come from which I had to make the choice to forgive the person or not. *In which I courageously did* The part that came next was ACCEPTING the things I have no ability to change and letting it be. The next stage was by far the most difficult which was IGNORING the opinions of others that could range from name calling to joke making or even anger do to me accepting my role in everything and letting it go. (You can have friends, family, or even bystanders who may become upset because it no longer affects you anymore. “Why are you not angry? If it was me I would do x,y, and z! Are you crazy?”) Last but not least REALIZATION that holding on to the past only stalls your journey toward the future. In other words you hold your own self back no else does.

John 3:16 shows the true power of love and no one will ever be able to relinquish it in my eyes. You may have your own picture of what real love is and that’s wonderful, and with that said John 3:16 will forever be mine. I can understand when I hear a woman falls first in love with their child while in the womb because I have experienced it. I also can understand being in love with a abusive partner because that too I have experienced. I can even understand having love for a parent who hasn’t really been a constant figure in your life because I have experienced that also. Everything in life we gather from mostly our own personal experiences and the rest we gain from empathy we have toward one another. There is not many things that can stand up against the power of love and having self- love holds the same exact power and should always be kept in our possession.

No person on this earth should be able to tell you that the love he or she has for you is stronger than the love you have for yourself. The love you have for yourself should convince you on a daily basis that you are beautiful, destined for greatness, worthy of the best things that life has to offer, and much more. Nobody can make you feel as if you are less than because the power of love you have for yourself overpowers their every word.

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