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Be Proud of Yourself

Does being diagnosed with a mental illness make you feel less than a human being? If so let me be the first to tell you that we can do the same exact things that others can do but most times we just have to put in it a tad bit more effort with it…nothing too major. Your diagnosis should never define you as a person because its a added unique quality you have that only can be a major roadblock if you make the decision to allow it to be. Being afraid of other opinions are a normal feeling to have but its nothing to be ashamed about! Perfection by the world’s standard is an unrealistic goal to have for your life because no two people think precisely as the next because one minor different size shape changes everything. Not being able to understand something is where fear starts growing and where confusion manifest itself at.

If someone tells you that he or she doesn’t have a bad day do not allow their words to affect you and your current mood because chances are that particular person is just saving face. So what are difficulties are making certain things harder for us to do, we were given each mountain because the truth is that each one of us are strong enough to overcome it. For you to be able to make it this far speaks on the amount of strength you possess and you should never be ashamed of it. Everyone that is walking on this bright and beautiful earth has special qualities that makes them stand out from the crowd, those of us who are battling mental illnesses are not any different and should never feel ashamed due to it. The harder we work the greater we achieve and less we feel bad toward it the closer we become to ending the nasty stigma attached to it.

The quote of above is one of my favorites because it reminds me of what my mother constantly told me while growing up which is…

Troubles don’t last always.

Turn your diagnosis into a beautiful masterpiece and eventually you may even at times forget of its very existence if you so choose to. Be proud of who you are as a person and don’t allow someone to make you feel less than because of it!