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What Do You See?

Before this very moment I had terrible problems with my self confidence. I recently found a little again but I do understand how much work has to be put in for me to even myself out once more. My confidence in the past was through the roof but sadly now its barely at sea level which is much higher than it was a few years ago and I am tremendously thankful for the progress it has made all in all. The type of person I was a few years ago would not believe anyone who said any type of compliment towards me. Basically I figured if I myself wouldn’t consider my own self beautiful, pretty, intelligent, special, or spectacular how on earth could someone else can and truly mean it. My self-esteem was in the negatives sad to say but the harsh truth. Someone could’ve told me multiple times how positively their view of me is meanwhile the truth of the matter was that my OWN personal view of myself was blurry and due to it the opinion of others had absolutely no value at all until I fixed my own vision.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

To help gain my self confidence back I started complimenting myself so that when others would compliment me it wouldn’t seem foreign and I would become more comfortable hearing and receiving as the truth. My morning conversations became repeating the phrases below…

  • I am Beautiful!
  • I am Special!
  • I am Talented!
  • No weapon formed against me shall prosper!
  • My achievements overshadow my shortcomings!
  • I love me!
  • I am worth it, not worthless!
  • I deserve only the best!

In order for the compliments of others can sink in you must first believe in your beauty and self worth. Those two things are specifically formed by your thoughts only, no one elses. Take it all one day at a time and pick up speed only when you are ready to. Until you are able to love yourself for you being able to accept someone else to will continue to be difficult and mentally draining. Take the time needed to find your self confidence and rebuild your self-esteem, your soul will be greatly thankful for it.

What I understand now is that being involved in a relationship while having low self-esteem is mentally draining not only for you but for your partner as well. Your low self-esteem morph into insecurities that become visible even if you try to camouflage each one to the best of your abilities. Sooner or later it will start showing, your best bet is to fix the problem and do all of the work to make it happen.

Nothing in life comes without placing WORK behind it.

My personal self-esteem is nowhere to the level it once was but my goal is not to REACH that particular level to say but do all the necessary work to REACH right on pass it and refusing to stop. If I can for sure do so, anyone else who needs to do the same most certainly can too. LET’S COMPLETE THE WORK TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

6 thoughts on “What Do You See?”

  1. I see somebody Beautiful, Special, Talented; Loved, by God!

    • No weapon formed against You shall prosper!
    • Your achievements overshadow my shortcomings!
    • Love you!
    • You Are worth it, not worthless!
    • You absolutely deserve only the best!

    That’s what I see, not with the eyes; through the a heart of faith! Blessings!

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  2. Desire and the persistence to achieve your goal is what is needed. In fact; huge helpings of both are needed to counteract the natural inclination of our minds to see the negatives!
    My experience has been to counter these erroneous, but persistent negative thoughts whenever and wherever they appear. Visualisations of success can also be very valuable!
    It can certainly be ‘time consuming’ when we first begin. But, every success becomes an enormous motivator.
    I am wishing you all the success you can have. 🙂

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    1. I agree with you that success becomes a motivator. Thank you so much for the tips visualisations have never been a constant tool of mine but making it one will be a priority. Desire is another I will make a priority because stress sometimes make the desire fade a bit. Thank you for your in site and its greatly appreciated.

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