Just Keep Swimming & Stay Focus

I cannot begin to understand why the image of a woman is always the first thing the opposite gender looks at. I will admit when I was younger like most of teenage girls my focus was on the typical “bad boy”. Not realizing back then the focus should have been my school work, hobbies, and outlying my life goals in a way they all could be achievable with no major problems. The way my teenage years were I appreciate every single lesson I was taught throughout it. A close friend of mine told me that “life’s rollercoaster ride different up or downs are either meant to be a lesson or a blessing”…strangely enough I fully agree and still to this day I go by her words.


When things get too intense I pray that God guide me himself out or he sends someone in his place to lead me out. These past months for me been extremely hard but one of the biggest lessons of life I have learned is to “ALWAYS LISTEN AND PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE SIGNS” For example today I lost my watch before work…In every volunteer assignment the clock is extremely important. Due to the fact I may get pulled into something away from my current position I can always check my wrist watch for the time. My personal life is rough and thankfully enough I am able to escape when I’m volunteering and helping others. The problem of going throughout my entire volunteering assignments today without my wristwatch made my anxiety sneak up on me but I went through it with a humongous smile on face…*helping others feel my soul with joy and in return it helps me as well* Due to my depression I have good days and bad…Today was a more gloomy day so once I returned home my brain was going non stop desperately trying to figure out where on earth did my wristwatch go. Meditation has been one of the ways I am able to control my anxiety  without medication. (I have however in the past been on anxiety/antidepressants but the side effects from the medications was extremely too much) Meditation calms me and allow me to clear my mind in order to think clearly. To make this story short…the sign for me, was the moment when I found my wristwatch.


It may seem as if I am over thinking as well as over analyzing the situation but logically any sign of hope or push to keep moving forward I will gladly take with no hesitation what so ever. I do believe the universe give us signs but because we are too closed off from everything most ignore the signs and miss out on what is right in front of out eyes. Nothing that’s precious comes easy and without a strong determination soul can you achieve it. In the words of the characters in the movie “Finding Nemo”…”Just Keep Swimming”!



2 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming & Stay Focus”

  1. I love that you have found meditation as a way to help get through your anxiety and depression. Your genuine words here will help many. Thankful to know you ❤


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