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The Golden Rule

Remember the old saying “KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS” as well as “DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU” as a child I had absolutely no clue of the meaning but once I reached adulthood my thought process changed completely and the true meaning behind the old saying became crystal clear. Well, my personal take on it anyway. I would love to compare notes and hear other views on the topic. *Feel free to leave a comment below💬.*

My take on the saying is this…by being kind to the individuals who are the opposite speaks positively on your character alone. Many do not understand being mean to someone is easy and is also simple but at the same time do not allow anyone to take you out of character because you are not liable for their actions. ONLY YOUR OWN ACTIONS ARE YOU HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR! To be 100% honest growing up if you disrespect me back then I would pop off without any hesitation…but here’s where maturity now comes in play. 


SOMETIMES I TRULY BELIEVE THE MAJORITY OF SOCIETY ACT FIRST BEFORE RESPONDING.( I WAS ONE ✋) I constantly tell myself I will NEVER go to jail or allow someone to make me go. One wrong move in 3 minutes can ruin your entire life in a instant. No one on this earth should push you to the limit of that. For instance, is it worth losing your freedom? Worth years in prison? Worth leaving a child without either dad/or mom? If everyone can be able to take a few moments and weigh out all the *pros* & *cons* on your actions hopefully you will be able to let it go and move on. This was a extremely humongous pill for me to swollow. Value your life enough to walk away from toxic people but never stoop down to their level & treat them as they have treated you.

If a mother who has lost their child due to murder can learn to forgive the murderer and move forward…most certainly we can let some of our minimum issues go. I carry no ill feelings toward anyone who I felt treated me horribly. *EX FRIENDS OR PAST LOVERS*  I constantly get asked why I always have a smile on my face….my reply is very simple & I will answer then give my explanation for it. 

My reply is always “WHY ON EARTH I WOULD NOT?” In order to understand my thought process one would have been in a dark moment in their life that “smiling” seemed impossible to even attempt to try. For me I went through 4 years being unable to smile that now since I overcame my pain and still attempting to keep a positive frame of mind I STRONGLY REFUSE TO GO BACK INTO THE BLACK HOLE I WAS ONCE IN. Each day I learn something new about myself that I had no clue about. Foolishly in my past I gave up on myself but thankfully God didn’t and never will. My smile speaks volumes of my strength, willpower, and huge love for others. I want to inspire anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by life problems and want to give up completely…my smile proves that even if you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel it is there because if I can make it you can do the same as well🌞! Be the light that pull others through *hint hint* Pay It Forward is the motto I live by and constantly speak of. 

12 thoughts on “The Golden Rule”

  1. You are very wise. Holding ourselves accountable is very key. Only we will par the consequences of our actions. Those who like to push our buttons know that, and will keep pushing. How marvelous when God gives us strength to choose wisely, and how much more marvelous when He changes those button pushers… whether through our actions or simply in His own doing. Praying for you! Good decisions can be hard. God loves you!

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    1. Yes, I have allowed to run my life with confidence of knowing if He let me go through it, He will no doubt bring me out of it. Faith is a two way street if He trust you, you must first trust him as well. My hands are completely off the wheel letting Him drive me wherever He chooses. 🙏

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