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OPTIMISM is the FAITH that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without HOPE & CONFIDENCE!-Helen Keller

When I stumbled across this quote I had to do a double take because it caused me to sit back and go over it in my mind countless times nonstop.  I will explain why in a few moments but before that I would like to wish everyone “Happy Holiday to your family to yours”! Enjoy your love ones every chance you get because tomorrow is not promised!

Faith is a marvelous power to have because in order to push foward in life you MUST have it. Remember if you speak it out of your mouth you speak it to LIFE be there is power in the tongue. I truly believe that saying to be true because on many occasions I stopped my OWN blessings from happening after I spoke it into existence. Not many understand that if you don’t have faith in your own self how can you expect someone else to have faith in you? Besides God who knows that you have it in you…no one else will back you if you do not BACK YOUR OWN SELF UP! We must stop sabotaging our blessings due to the lack of confidence in ourselves. 

Here’s where CONFIDENCE comes in play… You can SEEM confident on the outside but if you are not confident on the inside it does not hold any real value. In many ways I would just “Fake it to Make it” which was a horrible choice since I would end up in the exact same place I was desperately trying to escape. To everyone around me I seem alright but eventually the mask fell off and I could no longer fake it even with them. Not only would you be in the exact same place as before but now faking it is no longer an option. You must first find a way to build CONFIDENCE within yourself.  Once that happens it will with no question reflect on the outside without even trying to. The amazing part of being alive is that whatever you ingest into our bodies mentally or physically will reflect on the outside.

  • For a person who drinks alcohol 24/7 the physical effects are SLURRED SPEECH, DELAYED REFLEXES, POOR BALANCE,& CLUMSINESS.
  • For a person who has Strep Throat the physical effects are FEVER, SWOLLEN LYMPH NODES, SWOLLEN TONSILS, & HEADACHE.
  • For someone who has The Flu (INFLUENZA) the physical effects are SORE THROAT, FEVER, CHILLS, NAUSEA, FATIGUE, & MUSCLE ACHES.

    To be sweet and straight to the point understand whatever may be affecting you on the outside will eventually affect you on the outside. It may not happen in a day, few weeks, or it may even take place many years from now but the point I am trying to get across is EVENTUALLY, YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO  *FAKE IT*!  A car that needs a oil change can only go so far without popping open the hood in order to service the problem correctly. One wrong move or overlooking the problem at hand may lead into unnecessary & costly consequences. You can have faith & confidence in your car but eventually you will need to work on the inside even if the outside looks spectacular.

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