Monday-Sunday Inspiration

Motivational ABC’s

  1. In life always take ACCOUNTABILITY of your own actions.
  2. BELIEVE in yourself even when others do not!
  3. If you are blessed to wake up each morning CELEBRATE the blessing.
  4.  DECLARE victory even when you have a hard time seeing it.
  5. Do not just EMPOWER yourself but EMPOWER others around you.
  6. Always have FAITH that every setback is preparing you for the breakthrough that is coming your way.
  7. “No pain, No GAIN!”
  8. You create your own HAPPINESS.
  9. Never stop IMPROVING on yourself!
  10. Bring JOY to everyone around you!
  11. KNOWLEDGE is power! 
  12. Remain LOYAL to yourself!
  13. MASTER the art of happiness and positivity.
  14. Never allow your soul to be on life support, NURTURE it continuously.
  15. OPERATE out of love, never from fear or hate.
  16. PAMPER your soul as well as your heart.
  17. From birth we were all given the title of QUEENS & KINGS!
  18. RESPECT your mind, body, & soul.
  19. Raise your SELF-ESTEEM in order to know your self worth.
  20. TRANSFORM your inside to  have it reflect on the outside.
  21. Become UNSTOPPABLE and chase your dreams!  
  22. VALUE the incredible person you are despite the negativity of others.
  23. WORRY less and love more!
  24. X-RAY vision can exist if everyone takes the time to see the beauty of one’s soul.
  25.  Recite each morning in front of a mirror “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!” YOU ARE WONDERFUL!” & “YOU ARE LOVED!”
  26. Your smile add a certain ZEST in the lives of everyone you meet.

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