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Rough Waters

We were created to be able to withstand the toughest and roughest waters. When I said “WE” that also includes yourself also. Your strength to withstand the toughest of waters was automatically given to you from the beginning and cannot be taken away by anyone. At times when things are coming at me in every direction I have to keep reminding myself of this fact because life can be extremely misleading at times when it comes to what I can or cannot handle. With everything coming directly at once I forget how much I actually possess within.

Before birth I survived in rough waters for 9 months without any tips on how to survive in it. Everytime my mother moved around so did I, not to meantime how cramped it became as I grew. In my personal case there was only myself in the rough waters but others survived in rough waters with others for 9 months or less. This is nothing that was taught to us but a gift that was specially designed for each and every one of us to have for our lifetime. It may seem like nothing but to me it’s something I will continuously remind myself of at moments when I need to have faith in my abilities to keep going.

Have faith in your own abilities even if others refuse to!

When I think of the rough waters and lemons life sends in my direction, instead of becoming unhinged and engulfed by the sea…I make a pitcher of lemonade and set my sails while preparing for what is coming in my direction because this is what I was designed to survive through. If I was able to survive through it before why on earth can I not do it again? I have it in me to do so and because of my knowledge of that I now have the faith to do just that! Whatever your rough water is trust in your ability to survive it just like you have done once before. Can you imagine how many times you can continue to survive each wave with the knowledge of being created to do so? Once you accept the question of “Will I be able to survive it?” will turn into “When I survive it?” because of you knowing without question you most certainly will survive your sea of rough waters. THIS IS EMBEDDED IN YOUR D.N.A.!

Depression, Anxiety, emotional trauma, PTSD, and constantly second guessing the multiple gifts I have been blessed with are my personal roughest waters that I am referring to. Yours can be whatever you are constantly battling off and on in your life.

  • Financial Problems
  • Medical Conditions
  • Relationship Conflicts
  • Losses
  • Self-Esteem Problems
  • Doubts

Rough waters can be anything that you may feel is holding you back. Give what I am saying a try and apply this to it by reminding yourself that you are created to withstand the roughest and roughest of waters!

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