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The Underlying Truth

We all have our own personal New Year resolutions, which are basically goals that we set out to reach over the course of 365 days which equals 8760 hours. The reason why I decided to reveal the amount of hours it has is the smaller the number is the greater many will start to stress themselves out about it thinking how quickly time will start slipping away. I trained myself to stop stressing about my new year’s resolution by focusing on how many hours and seconds are in the entire year because the number increases which in return my stress somehow gradually lessen. This method through the years has helped my mind greatly to relax. *Be my guest to try it out and see what happens*

At the end of each year the majority of society form a list of New Year resolutions to complete throughout the year and when the next following year approaches we begin to cross out the goals we achieved while focusing more intensely on the goals we did not. We begin to see only our disappointments and judge ourselves completely because of it. With each new year comes more possibilities to complete everything new and old goals. The clock doesn’t stop ticking so why should you stop moving? That is one of the most biggest lessons I have learned throughout my life and it taught me to see that once I made the decision to stop the only individual I should place blame on was ME. I stopped my own self by thinking my time expired when truthfully it had not because each day, month, and year comes endless possibilities to set out every single I have set out to reach. You should always be your biggest motivator regardless of who may or may not be on your team. Drown out the negativity and continue to push forward.

So what if you didn’t graduate with your class, make it on the team, get the job/or promotion, or receive the credit you deserve. As long as you are blessed to keep trying don’t stop your own time when it is still ticking on your behalf. You are the one who controls your time because no one on this earth has the power to do so despite who says differently.

💡Keep everything I wrote in mind for next year resolutions as well as the many years to come and refrain from stopping your time.💡

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