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The famous phrase “Start Today” is something I personally hold dear to my heart because I have held my own self back numerous of times throughout my life to the point I felt stuck, desperate, and useless. How many times have you stayed in place because you felt scared to move as little as a inch? It’s a proven fact that throughout life everyone will go through their share of disappointments and struggles (some more than others). One tiny piece of information many forget is the part that everyone handle disappointments differently for example one person can get knocked down 9 times and get back up 10 while the next person may get knocked down 9 times and decide there is absolutely no point of getting back up. After countless of failed tries I decided to stay down and watch everything around me go on.

At first I was a tad bit numb and didn’t think much about it because getting back up seemed pointless to me. Why put my all in something when the past programmed me to think that nothing good would come from it? I would have my share of good days but the bad days were paralyzing to no end. Starting over again was always in the back of my mind but due to flashbacks, depression, anxiety, and back to back disappointments I would become paralyze as well as numb also. It took me years to decide to start again even though time has gone by and there is no way of collecting it back…I still decided to start again.

You can do the same also if you were trying to decide whether to or not. Time is something that we all are told to cherish yet many including myself allow for it to be wasted. After careful consideration I have discovered the famous phrase Start Today is exactly the answer I needed. If you have told yourself that something needs to be done but keep putting it off make the decision to stop and “Start Today“! Tomorrow is never promise and the past can only be looked at as a reference sheet due to the fact even though we all wish we could go back to it unfortunately no one can, our only option is to Start Today.

There is no set amount on how much you have to try in one day but everyone knows how much he or she can endure at one time. One helpful tip I have learned is to not overstress myself and understand that its a process in itself, basically meaning that things will not suddenly be achieved or fixed overnight. (Even still til this day I do wish everything could actually be that simple, its not.) Most times one must have faith and trust in the process in order for different positive results to happen. Deciding to “Start Again Today” is only the beginning and one of the most important decisions that you will have to make. After I made the decision to “START Today it felt as if a load was lifted off of my chest which was a major relief to have. Let it do the same for you!

41 thoughts on “Start Today”

  1. I think most of us have been there, one way or another. It’s crazy to think how even a small thing could knock us down for the count, after having been through so many bigger things. But yes, agreed. One more time. Now, even on empty. Thank you for your honesty and for sharing.

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  2. Reblogged this on Thriving Not Surviving and commented:
    Yes! Start today…and if it doesn’t work start again tomorrow. Each day is a new opportunity! Keep getting back up. Never give in. The people who succeed are the ones who never stop trying!

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  3. This is exactly where I am right now. Each day I try and then if I have to I try again. In starting to build momentum on my project with my sister. We haven’t seen the results yet but I know we are doing the right things so it is only a matter of time!


  4. I have been there before. I just wish someone would be able to explain the mechanical steps on removing that rock on peoples chest so that they can get the person going immediately. A lot of the people were able to get more motivated only after their physical bodies can no longer take the stagnate feeling and energy yet if somehow we can figure out a scientific method of spiritual energy method that can remove that block it would be amazing. People will no longer need to wait and let that pain in their heart torture them and be able to feel good instantly. I did actually recently had an experience like that when I realised that pain and suffering wasnt mine but I could not be sure that is the same for everyone and honestly it does take a little more effort then just snapping my finger to get out of it. I wish I wish I really wish the universe would show me and us a way to do that!! I am glad you are able to start today. I too have the same problem sometimes and it is nice to see you started! I think for most people just the mind knowing something isnt enough for them… What can we do to help???

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    1. That is true for some while for others it can be. It would be great if we could flip a switch to help get started wouldn’t it? I figured if I can help at least one person that one person can help another with their own method and the cycle can continue. It took many failed attempts for me to finally “start today” because I would start then fail and sit out for the remainder of a time period (which turned into years) until finally I tried again. We can try by starting with who we can help and see where it goes from there, in my opinion. Thanks by the way for giving your feedback.

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      1. You are right about that. The butterfly effect really does work. Your help provided can change a whole lot in the world for the better. It is an admirable thing you are doing 🙂 Thank you for doing something positive for the world:)

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        1. Your kind words means a lot and I am a strong believer in Paying It Forward because there is no telling how far worst off I would be if others in my life at one point never gave me encouragement and helped me.

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        2. That is so true for all of us as well that we all are living under the grace of the universe and the kindness of others in one way or another and I hope your efforts will pay off in the most beneficial way in your precious and beautiful life.:)

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