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Never Alone *short & sweet*

Good night everyone, I hope you had a amazing weekend because the start of weekday is swiftly approaching whether we are ready for it or not. If you are not ready you better start the process because its coming! I read a post a few days and listened to a wonderful song that was embedded in the post by Tori Kelly titled “Psalm 42“. After I heard it something told me that I had to study up on her new music which in the past a few of her songs were in my playlist but to hear she has a gospel album on the way or already out has left me in amazement for a couple of reasons but I reveal the main one shortly.

The power of God never seem to stop amazing me because He can touch anyone at any given time without much warning. The song that filled me with so much joy today is her song ft. Kirk Franklin titled “Never Alone”.

It’s no secret that I am diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety because I speak on the topic quite frequently. Feeling abandoned and alone happens on many different occasions in my life and this song reminds me that even when my Depression is at a all time high and feel as if I am alone with no one in site the fact still remains that I AM NEVER ALONE. My Father will never leave or forsake me because He has been right next to me the whole way through each difficult situation throughout my life even if others have not. Faith has kept me together each time I felt as if I would quickly fall apart. Everyone has to have faith in something to help with their trails and tribulations because doing it alone is tiresome at the least. THERE’S STRENGTH IN NUMBERS📈 don’t handle it alone when you honestly don’t have to.

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