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Uncover The Beauty In Your Scars


✒The stretch marks that come from a mother carrying a baby or several…The stretch marks that come from losing weightThe physical scars left behind after a episode of self-harm…Scars left behind a minor or major surgery…Scars left behind injuries✒

Some scars are not physically seen but still have the ability to hurt even worst because the possibility of others not acknowledging that they do in fact exist cause even more damage to take place. How can you explain that your heart is bleeding out to someone who cannot see, smell, or touch the actual blood because your physical shows no evidence of it? How can you explain the pain that pours out everytime you catch a glimpse of your reflection even though your outfit is the latest and compliments follow you around? How can you explain pain from a past injury that has already physically healed? Is it safe to say you cannot but attempt to?

What happens when physical proof doesn’t truly exist? Is it real or only a figment of your imagination?

I can say personally, I believe in scars that cannot be seen by the naked eye because I have had multiple inner injuries that left plenty. Have you ever reminisced over a traumatic moment in your life and the pain still exist from? That’s the injury that created the wound and once you become able to heal from it, the scar starts to form. Each scar has the opportunity to be BEAUTIFUL if you take the time to acknowledge it as such.

Allow the world to know there is beauty in each one of your scars physical or hidden the scars are BEAUTIFUL! Scars are a reflection of the pain you endured and made it through cracked but still intact so where each one with pride. Never allow anything or anymore rip you away from your victory because truth be told many cannot conquer the storms you have and maybe you are suppose to show others that it can be done. Give yourself the credit that you do rightly deserve and hold it tightly without shame. You made it this far and never regret or forget it!

11 thoughts on “Uncover The Beauty In Your Scars”

  1. Oh wow girl; like I’ve said – You Rock.
    After a certain time, individual to each of us, the scars do heal to the point where they become invisible even to ourselves. 😉
    Still a big part of what made us strong, but, the hurt no longer exists. ❤


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