When you think of the word “Queen” what is the first thing to that comes to mind? Do you think of a royal family or a Queen that’s married to a King ? Can you be a queen without having a king and if not, why? One of my biggest question marks in like is why cannot a woman be as great without a man as one that has one? Why are you not allowed to be happy with your life if you are not in a fully committed relationship? I see a lot of my friends with kids that try to make every relationship their last. Even if they are no longer with the father every romantic relationship they are in is the “ONE”. Honestly, I feel it is extremely possible to be a queen without a king. For a very long time I personally thought I had to get married, have a few kids, with a semi-normal life, a dog, and that’s what I based my life goals on. One of my life’s biggest realizations was LIFE HAS ITS OWN RULES and go how ever it chooses to. Us as people don’t have any say and life offers no apologies, you have to deal with the hand we are dealt with. *SAD BUT AS THE SAME TIME TRUE* Once you are able to accept that life becomes a tad bit easier to deal with. At the same time however a queen is not meant to find her king it should be the other way around. We are only suppose to handle whatever we are suppose to and if a king find us…that’s great…if not that’s also great as well. *Hint I never said “A queen finds her king”* So when I think about it all we had to be a queen even before the king wanted to find a queen. We as women carried the title of one already…Our crown is permanent but if you don’t know your own worth…How can you expect someone else to know it or if you don’t carry yourself as royalty, how can you want someone to treat you as such? I had to take a step back in my life and press pause. Everyone wants love and some moments I want it but at the same time I’m not that sure. I had to literally do  a lot of soul searching and had to

  1. Figure out myself worth.
  2. Decide on what I really wanted out of life.
  3. Figure what I felt about myself made me a great catch to a king wanting to capture his queen.
  4. Carry myself as such and focus on the things I wanted to accomplish, goals I wanted to reach, and focus on me.

If I am destined for any king that particular one will find me. From birth I was a queen the title was always there. I WAS THE ONE WHO FORGOT not the people around me…It took along time coming but I took my crown back and wear it proudly…some women today (like me) forgot their title and believe you are a queen if a king find you or if you seek one. From birth every single woman was a princess that was already birth by a queen….Now the chose is yours if you want to fix your crown.

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