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    Growing up I thought that in order to feel good about myself many individuals must FIRST find me  irresistible & breathtaking. At first no one could tell me nothing because my confidence was untouchable. Looking back I remember who I once was but after each flashback came the waterworks because “WHERE ON EARTH WAS SHE & HOW DID I MY LOSE MY IDENTITY”? So many questions with not so many answers but now with a clear mind & heart I am able to tackle each question head on.

My actual struggle came to a head when not only did I say “Farwell” to a love that was forever lost but I actually had to say Farwell” to my bestfriend as well. We had a bond that til this day I will never have any hatred in my heart toward him & never will. Even though I lost myself while begging & pleading for the LOVE of him but failed miserly in return I REMEMBER ME!  


  • Life Owes You Nothing!
  • You Determine Your Own Worth!
  • Anything Worth Having Is Worth Chasing After!
  • If You Want It, Go Get It!
  • Bad Things Happen Everyday, Do Not Allow Anything Or Anyone Stand In Between Your Happiness!
  • Stay Smiling…Even When You Think There Is Nothing To Smile About!

The happy, go lucky, kind hearted, strong, fearless, level headed, and unstoppable little girl fast forward to the woman I am at this present time. Being able to wish him the best with no evil intentions speaks volumes on me as a person. Growth is not only being able to move past the hurt but doing so with a *SMILE* planted on your face. In a way I am grateful for the way things turned out because I would not have any idea of the strength that was hidden and locked away in my soul. Anyone that has harmed, damaged, or inflicted pain either purposely or not “THANK EACH & EVERY LAST PERSON BECAUSE YOU HELPED ME DISCOVER WHO I REALLY AM”! 

Life taught me that the hardest person you will have difficulty forgiving is yourself because pointing the finger at someone else is the most easiest thing to do. No one wants to admit that all along HE/OR SHE WAS THE CULPRIT(no one want to admit their OWN wrongdoings). Unless you acknowledge YOUR OWN MISTAKES nothing will fall into place correctly. 

To be perfectly truthfully for a very long time I could not reflect over that painful part of my life without crying, the moment that I took ownership of my wrongdoings the TEARS STOPPED. No more negativity, pinned up anger, heavy bags under my eyes, sleepless nights, and unnecessary wieght put on because instead of taking ownership I would eat myself crazy. SELF-REFLECTING can affect your life in positive ways once you give in and do it. *DON’T TAKE MY WORD…GIVE IT A TRY FOR YOURSELF & TELL ME ALL ABOUT*

14 thoughts on “Reflection”

  1. I love this post so much! It’s nice to read things from people who are like minded. I totally feel you when you said the things you learned in life and listed it. That is also what I haven learned as well. ☺️

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