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I have no favorite music genre…but when I go into a battle of the heart my religious belief comes into play. I am a Christian & proud to be one. The reason for my label of such is complicated but allow me to explain in a simple yet understanding manner. Since God has reviled himself in my life time after time I can only believe of his existence. I am not the type of Christian who condemn others who think differently. The only thing I can do is allow my demeanor to SPEAK for myself. Despite growing up in a Christian household, my faith came once He walked me through situations I never thought I could make it out of. The relationship between my Father is unique because for a few years before I decided to build our relationship back up my mind was convinced that I was alone. The turning point came once I put down the *PAINKILLERS* & dealt with the emotions that I would normally hide from. During my self realization I finally discovered MY TRUTH. Which was at the MY FATHER WAS WALKING BESIDE ME THE ENTIRE TIME. Just because I felt I was alone does not mean I WAS ALONE. My Father did the normal “PARENT” action which is WATCH from a distance and step in when it was deemed NECESSARY. For example a parent normally will watch their child that is first learning how to walk from a distance but the parent MAY or MAY NOT step in once their child has fell down. Reason being the parent want to see if the child would stand back up on his/or her own. I have observed on my own a child who will not attempt to get back up because the child KNOWS for a fact that their parent would help him/or her back up. Instead of rushing back to action my Father wanted to see for himself what I PERSONALLY WOULD DO. He always had faith in me even at the times I did not have faith in my own abilities.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in my life when it comes to my faith is Just because it seems as though He did not hear me cry out for help, does not mean He did not hear 👂me at all. HE ACTUALLY WANTED TO SEE WHAT I WOULD DO. This goes for those who are currently in the exact same place that I was in many years ago. He is listening & watching you from a distance because HE WANT TO SEE WHAT YOU WILL ACTUALLY DO ON YOUR OWN BUT ALWAYS REMEMBER HE IS WITH YOU. Despite how you may feel…Your Father has your back, front, & everything in between.

The nerve of myself for thinking my Father left me alone & my cries fell on death ears. Gladly like every other mistake I have made in my life…my heavenly Father forgives me and accept me back with open arms. My sins stretch as wide as the ocean and I no problem admitting to them all. Judgement is something I have faced by others but when I offer the stone to others who claim to be without sin… In FACT some attempt to throw it at me but no matter how AMAZING their aim is absolutely no harm come to me. My faith cannot be broken and because of that FACT I declare victory over my entire life. For the individuals who know me personally can understand that my entire life has been its own LIFETIME MOVIE 🎥. My victory is not from “LUCK” or “WISHFUL THINKING” my VICTORY is because of HIM & HIM ALONE.

Growing up in a religious household had only little effect over my life. I remember hearing church hymns blasted throughout my parent’s room, not really understanding it. After being in my own battlefield did all of dots connect. The hymns I would hear in my household were BATTLE CRIES LETTING GOD KNOWS HE CAN LEAD HIS WARRIOR TO VICTORY!

Even though I had been in many difficult situations He constantly led me to victory every single time.

He wanted to see how I conducted myself in the face of darkness🔦…Would I fall apart? Would I push past the pain? Would I accept defeat? Would I give up? Would I stay down indefinitely? Would I rise back up every single time life knocks me down? Would I allow this temporary situation to permanently destroy my life? Would I conduct myself as royalty? Would I allow this to dictate the person I was destined to become? Would I allow this situation to take me out? Would I allow my worth to become less than what I know it should be?


7 thoughts on “DECLARE YOUR VICTORY”

  1. I really needed to read this today. Recently I’ve felt so weak and helpless. I’ve been struggling to feel like a conqueror in God but it’s been hard. Thanks for reminding me whose child I am!

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