Monday-Sunday Inspiration


Having closure is something many would love to have but unfortunately because of certain things it sometimes cannot be achieved. Having closure to some can be obtaining peace of mind, letting go of the past in hopes of a brighter new beginning, freeing yourself of any unnecessary guilt or pain that can be holding you back mentally or physically, allow you to become the person you may have always wanted to become in life. Whatever reason that fits your life now is a simple fix because in all difficult situations we must hold on to the positives vs. focusing on the scattered havoc around us. One saying I will forever hold close to my heart is “ALWAYS REMEMBER IN LIFE THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SOMEONE WORST OFF THAN YOU AND BECAUSE OF THAT STAY DOING THESE THREE THING SMILING+MOVING+REACHING.

You have no idea how many hearts your one smile can touch. KEEP SMILING

You have no idea how much distance you have the ability to cover. KEEP MOVING

You have no idea how far you can reach. KEEP REACHING(even when you have touched the stars) 👈click to read my previous post on reaching.

Whatever the reason behind you seeking closure is a good enough reason for me because YOU are taking the necessary steps to set out and seek it with your best interest at heart. Carrying around guilt is a tough task to allow yourself to pull around when you do not truly have to. Picture piling rocks in your already loaded purse, tote, bookbag, or anything you have to take along throughout your day. Why add on when you can choose not to. Holding on to resentment is the same action with only a different name and meaning. Can you imagine having both weigh you down? Money problems, family conflicts, losing a friend or family member, holding on to your shortcomings, holding on to jealousy, medical complications, self-esteem problems(if you can be so kind to comment what you had or need closure on). Set out for the closure you need and receive it with arms open wide the feeling you will catch after will be quite refreshing.

Step out on faith and close the chapter to MOVE on to the next one and that particular action is CLOSURE also. MOVING is a form because why stop if there is no way you cannot keep moving along. Allow your moving again to become your closure! If you want to become something stopping works against you and furthermore closure does numerous amount of things but work against yourself is not one of them. Start the process of moving again because at times that in itself is all the closure a person may need.

At all cost seek closure if you believe it is needed but never complicate your morals, ethics, self-esteem, or health trying to receive it.

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