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Music (one simply thought)

This is my truth concerning music! I also believe you have to be mindful of the type you feed into your spirit because in my personal experience everything you allow in is not good for your well being. Think of how many times you watched a frightening movie and once sleep crept over you sometimes that same movie found it way into your dreams. Same goes for music 🎶 as well. I had to stop listening to music that intensify my frustrations causing me to instead of letting it go, end up causing me to keep holding on to each problem while fueling each on to the next higher level.

Feed your spirit instead of feeding your ears.

Be mindful of what you take in during your stressful times because one way or another it will find a way to escape out!

26 thoughts on “Music (one simply thought)”

      1. Not really; I love dancing, and the music we dance to at our social dance is always fabulous. The host and hostess are lovers of great music, so we all benefit by their love…
        Yes, give it a go when you can. 🙂

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  1. I totally agree with your sentiment about what you put into your Brain. It’s the same with your Body. I am an insatiable music buff I can listen to anything from Mozart to Tupac for its creativity and it’s message. I am presently attempting to write a Book a lot of it is surrounded by the impact Drug have on our Society, from the Murders to Epidemic addictions. Just today I had a startling revelation of how the Music industry feeds into the Drug Culture. One song that came to mind which was written about 100 years ago, Cocaine don’t make me crazy, Reefer don’t make me lazy, Candy( Pills) is dandy but Liquor is quicker. Will someone tell me what the He’ll is wrong with these People mass producing such damaging Propaganda. And you wonder why Drug Epidemics keep repeating themselves Generation after another. Sorry to ramble on like that, but you touched a Nerve. The book is being Blogged on my Page Blogging the Book.

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    1. I understand and its a very true statement because music is in my opinion used as a storyteller to help get a message across. No need to apologize your not rambling, just simply passionate about it and that’s all I see from your comment. Recently the death of Mac Miller speaks on the drug epidemic but many are not truly listening.

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