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Remember Domestic Violence Victors

Domestic violence doesn’t have a specific look or gender it can happen to anyone and is completely draining mentally and physically. Don’t allow anyone to shame you for how long you stayed in it and continue being proud of yourself for finally getting out when you did. Mrs. Right or Mr. Right is patiently waiting for your comeback and will be there when the time is correct.

  • You are brave💜
  • You are worth it💜
  • You are beautiful (women)💜
  • You are handsome (men)💜
  • You are strong and courageous💜
  • You do matter💜
  • You are here for a special purpose💜
  • You can overcome anything💜
  • You can face another day💜
  • You are talented💜
  • You are worthy of the best💜 things life has to offer💜
  • You are worthy of love💜

Things that have been stolen can also be safety taken back! The keyword is “YOUR”… your life, your self-worth, your soul, your heart, your self-esteem, your talents, your goals, your achievements, your enjoyments, and your happiness can all be taken back because it was your sole property to begin with. If I could regain my property back so can anyone else that has been or currently in a similar situation. My ears are always open to listen!

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