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Practice The “Pause”

This exercise has really helped me at this point in my life and hopefully it can help someone else too. It is a common feeling when it seems as if EVERYTHING is just INCREDIBLY OVERWHELMING. Some individuals *myself included* have extreme anxiety to the max when life becomes too difficult to manage. At the same time even certain flashbacks can cause for exercising the “PAUSE” to come in handy. Instead of reacting so quickly to the events that is suffocating you practice the “PAUSE”!

The reason being is that nothing will change if you QUIT or THROW IN TOWEL. Every bit of the progress you have made would be erased and would also be viewed by others/and or yourself as pointless wasted precious time. It’s a PROVEN FACT that no person on this gorgeous planet can go back in time dispute how much we would WISH/CLICK YOUR HEELS 3X’s 👠/ or even PLACE THE LUCK ON A SHOOTING STAR🌟…NOTHING CAN MAKE TIME TO REWIND. The quicker you understand that the less precious time you waste. I myself prefer the honest brutal truth vs. a lie…despite how nicely you decorate & spray a month worth of trash in the trashcan outside…give it sometime because eventually the true identity will come back to the surface. THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS COME OUT & THAT IS WHY I PREFER THE BRUTAL TRUTH. What do you prefer? Tell me down 👇in the comments💬

✋Back to the subject at hand✋

I exercise the “PAUSE” constantly when I become overwhelmed with life difficult moments. Stress causes your blood pressure to rise & if it rises too high your physical health can be affected due to it. *F.Y.I.* (Physical pain can also affect your blood pleasure as well.) One of the many lessons I have learned through out my life span is that everything affect each other. MIND+BODY+SOUL

💡In order to fix 1 you must fix all 3 💡



What can I say about myself? I spent alot of my life in a shell afraid to come out and see what the world can really offer me. Today, I am proud enough to allow my life lessons help others. So if you you are having difficulties with Depression, wanting to run away from everything, tired of constantly getting hurt, have a huge misunderstanding of the bumping road that life keep throwing your way, feel hopeless about your future, and maybe just wish life would give you a break already...I created my blog for you...

17 thoughts on “Practice The “Pause”

  1. This was an amazing and optimistic post! It is so helpful to pause when things get difficult and I really appreciate you reminding me of this! I loved this post and I am so thankful you shared this! I hope you have a wonderful week and I definitely look forward to your next fantastic post!!!!

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