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Once a upon a time there was a little girl by the name of Sarah who like many kids her age had HUGE dreams of becoming someone important. Even though she was raised by a single mother of four who had her kids while being a child herself. Due to that particular fact her mother blamed her kids of stealing her teenage years away while others her age had a “LIFE” including the fathers as well. Even though Sarah is only 12 years old her mother pushed her into the role of a foster parent instead a big sister. Sarah is a “old soul” at heart and knew the majority of kids her age would not understand the life she was forced into.

Sarah’s mother April had her at the age of 15 and in the beginning April was extremely happy to be a mother. Everything shifted once her father left her mother April. Her love quickly turned into hate, resentment, and disgust. In a way April thought what many young girls have which is if I become pregnant with his child that would convince him to be tied to me forever. Sadly enough April discovered first hand the awful, heartbreaking, earth shattering, and disappointing truth. Which is a child will not guarantee any man to stay especially if a man is still a boy. Due to his age the chances plummeted further down. When two children have a child themselves some may raise to the occasion but sadly some may not. In the case of April everytime she looked at her daughter she was reminded of the pain Sarah’s father inflicted on her heart and the fact Sarah was her father twin made it even more difficult to look at her daughter on a daily basis.

Sarah had a hard time understanding her mother’s transformation but she played the role of a foster parent because she did not want her siblings to feel the pain she has. A typical day for Sarah consist of…

  • Waking up at 5am to pack her bookbag and place it by the front door.
  • Jumping into the shower while her siblings was still sleeping.
  • Check on her mother April to see if she made it in or not from running the streets from the night before.
  • Prepare breakfast for her siblings as well as pack their lunches including her own.
  • Wake up each sibling and order each one to get ready for school.
  • Before leaving Sarah even prepared a plate of breakfast for her mother and placing it in the microwave in hopes she would have something to eat once she finally makes it home.

No matter how much was on her plate, Sarah still maintained a 3.0 G.P.A. in school. Sarah’s mother dropped out of school once she discovered she was pregnant which made Sarah determined to finish and graduate. Sarah even instilled the importance of having a education into her siblings because if she can do it each one of them can do it as well. Sarah expected nothing but the best from herself including her siblings.

Fast forward to a few years later, April overheard one day her kids referring to their oldest sister as “MOM”. Even though Sarah corrected her siblings of the mistake, April left that night like normal but never returned again. Even then Sarah refused to let her situation cause havoc over her and her siblings life. Sarah actually held a part-time job and since her mother was not a reliable person Sarah with the help of certain individuals in the community helped her put her siblings in after school care at no cost. With her senior year approaching Sarah decided the best thing that should happen is for her to legally adopt her siblings vs. someone else taking on the role of their foster mother. Sarah did the very best with what she had no matter the massive amount of limitations life sent her way.

Sarah faced each new day with a gorgeous smile and persistent determination. Not only did Sarah graduate high school but she became a marvelous role model to her siblings and led the way for each one to follow in her footsteps as well.

Having a extremely complex life worked in her favor because in LIFE we only have two options…EITHER WE GROW FROM IT OR FALL BECAUSE OF IT! Yes, some do in fact have it worse off than others but when those individuals do something amazing with their life while you do absolutely nothing wanting sympathy from others who have zero to give. Do you actually feel you are the only person on this beautiful yet chilly earth who has “LIMITATIONS”? Life is all about *CHOICES*. Some are good while others are not too nice.

💡I remember reading a quote about why do ships sink👇💡

Sarah did not allow the limitations around her get inside and weigh herself including her siblings down. Not only did she prove to herself *SHE COULD* but Sarah also paved the way for her siblings to do the very same exact thing. LIMITATIONS ONLY HAS LIFE ONCE WE FOOLISHLY HAND IT OVER WILLINGLY. After careful self reflection of my life I noticed that I started sinking once I allowed the water around me inside. Placing blame on others was still not acknowledging the crucial role I played in it all. In order to break free you have to take out the restraints *YOU PLACED ON YOUR OWN SELF*! The truth do In fact hurts for awhile but once the hurt fades the healing process quickly begins.


2 thoughts on “NO LIMITATIONS”

  1. Beautifully written! You are certainly a strong girl! A role model to many. Thank you for sharing. You have a blessed souls and the Universe is opening all its doors for you to succeed 🙏🏽

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