Monday-Sunday Inspiration

Sometimes All You Have Is FAITH

What do you have once you have nothing to offer? What do you have when everyone do not want to bothered with your problems? What do you have when no one cares about how many tears roll down your face in a day? What do you have to offer after you have absolutely nothing to give?

Life is designed to be difficult! Life is meant to be complicated for all! Life is not created for the weak! Life is not created on wishes! Life is all about having FAITH & LEARNING HOW TO MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING! Before you can grow you first have to take the role of a seed who needs to be nourished. The nourishment we must have is FAITH! Without FAITH we will not be able to grow to and reach our FULL POTENTIAL.

Faith is a powerful gift to have because even with the tiniest amount the magnitude of effect it leaves behind can change your world and countless of others as well. Faith is a beautiful gift…Faith is a strong yet rewarding strength to have…Faith is a gift that has no cash value because no one person can create such a gem..Either you have it or you DON’T! The hugest factor about faith is the eyes cannot see it & your hands cannot touch it & your ears cannot hear it! Those three senses cannot be held accountable for if or if not FAITH IS REAL. The one most important point for me to know that FAITH DO IN FACT EXIST IS EVERYTHING THAT I WANTED TO HAPPEN DID ALL BECAUSE I ALLOWED MY FAITH TO GUIDE ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. THIS WAS ALL THE PROOF I NEEDED & MORE! Grow your FAITH & watch your FAITH GUIDE YOU TOO!

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