Story Time


Do you recall the children’s book “THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD” written by Watty Piper and illustrator Loren Long? Growing up I actually would have quite often had to been read this book almost more than 300 times no less. Now that I am fully grown I can wholeheartedly appreciate the message behind it.

This book at first seem fun & innocent to children which in all HONESTY this a true statement but after closely analyzing it my personal opinion of the book can be summed up by only one word…💡OPTIMISTIC💡

As a child that word seemed useless because at the age of 3 years old most have no clue a word as such existed let alone can pronounce it correctly. Most children are mostly fascinated by the pictures within the book itself.

*Image Taken From This Site* 👆Click Here 👆

Not only is this book OPTIMISTIC but it is a great motivator for the little ones world wide. As a toddler who was trying to walk without his teacher help I recall another classmate of this little boy named Hank repeating “YOU CAN, YOU CAN!” Hearing the little guy repeating those words brought me back to the book I am speaking of in this post.💡 By the way I was so moved by the encouragement of his classmate. 🌱We can learn so much from the world around us at any age but we first must be open to the lessons around us!🌱


Can anyone name a few children books 📚 that they can think of that are MOTIVATIONAL OR/AND INSPIRING TO THEIR TARGET LITTLE READERS? If so I would love to hear about those books down in the comment section👇📝?


👤To Be Honest…I Still Find Time To Speak Into A Fan Just To See If My Robotic Voice Is Still Intact👤 You have to find a way to laugh when you truly want to breakdown to keep pushing yourself forward to for me I will GLADLY find a fan!

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