Today I realized that everyone is fighting their own battle and I beg everyone to be kind to each other…strangers or not always be kind. The person with the biggest smile can also be the person who spent the night before drown in their own tears struggling to take a breathe. One unkind motion can push someone over the edge not fully understanding your actions can affect someone so drastically. Everyone comes up with mostly pointless “CHALLENGES” . Why not add a “HOPEFUL AND MOTIVATIONAL ONE”?!  I spent the majority of my life feeling sorry for myself ignoring the accomplishments I actually did achieve not looking at the brighter side of life. Remember one of my last blog I wrote titled  “Deeply In My Thoughts” ( If not go and read it please)? In the blog I spoke of a woman who lost her daughter but in the past I became so tangled in my own misery not realizing others can have it so much worse. Her pain is something I cannot even try to understand or change shoes with the mother and walk in. In general, our society we only focus on our own problems but never step outside the box to see other individuals that may be battling something much worst. If our society would, the world could become more manageable for everyone.  

Instead of helping others up, most rather pull each other down. *PERFECTION* is a fairytale myth because it simply doesn’t exist! The reason being if we ourselves do not see beauty when we see our reflection in the mirror…no amount of plastic surgery, compliments, wieght loss, or supplements can change it. After surgery the first thing individuals do is look at their reflection in the mirror, correct? After working out we go to the mirror, correct? The same exact routine follows in order to check if we see any changes due to the supplements that was taken, correct?  This support my point stating that the only opinion that matters is *OURS* ….If society would change their view of themselves then more than likely all of  that would be unnecessary. 

Have you ever notice how after plastic surgery most have multiple procedures later on? The reason is being, everytime the individual look in mirror that same person is still not satisfied…Multiple procedures cannot fix how the individual view his/or self…*ONLY THE PERSON CAN; PERFECTION DOESN’T EXIST*  Once society accept this, we can fix our mindset and push forward. I’m extremely grateful for all my hardships because without them I would have never stumpled across my strength and the amount of strength I had hidden. 

I challenge all my readers to only speak positivty, determination, peace, and self love to theirseves as well as  all the individuals that they encounter *FRIENDS & STRANGERS* BECOME THE REASON FOR SOMEONE TO NOT GIVE UP AS WELL AS THEIR MOTIVATION TO KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

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