Worthy Wednesday

Before you allow someone to validate your worth, validate yourself first. Foolishly, l allowed others to determine my worth. There is a saying “when you know better, do better”.  Now that I personally know better that’s my que to appraise my worth and if you are in the same place I am, appraise your worth as well. (you are in charge of it) If you already gave up yours, it’s time to take it back! 

In the past I was the girl who would do almost anything to make the man I was deeply in love with happy. I would do my hair in the style he liked, dress in the clothes he wanted, eat the same as him *SIDE BAR* Due to the fact he was obsess with fitness…I became obsessed as well. Even though I wanted to place all the blame on him, after some intense soul searching I now realize he only  treated me the way I ALLOWED HIM TO.. since I relinquish the power to him. Despite everything I did…our relationship ended and as hurtful it was I Now know the underlining truth. The truth is no one can be swayed to love\care or want a relationship with you. In the same since everyone has the gift of choosing their own route to follow. By allowing him to determine my worth after our relationship ended I had no idea who the person in the mirror was. I was only 19 years old when I first became involved with him and extremely close to the age of 32 when we parted ways.

  1. My Worth is priceless like a diamond & a rare form.
  2. Not only is my worth priceless but I am a authentic jewel who cannot be compared agianst anyone or anything.

We are all authentic & unique because no one can create another YOU OR ME…some days I feel as if there is really nothing special about myself. For a very long time allowed my depression not only to influence my thoughts about myself but to also make me reflect my mental thoughts physically. I went from always looking glamorous to not feel a need to look glamorous anymore since the person I was once loved didn’t want me anymore. What was the point to try?! Even though I would date others I allowed the hurt from him to influence my view on all guys I became involved with after him. Have you ever heard the saying “In order to get over your ex, you must get under someone else”? I call B.S. on it because in my opinion it was not true. 
I would date others but I still always wanted him. Stupidly I would hurt others because he rejected me and in the end I would hurt them. Some after a bit of time passed if they were open to accept my sincere apology I thanked them but If not I understood and yet still wished nothing but the best for those also.

*ALWAYS KEEP THIS IN MIND* “Hurt people, hurt people”…take a much needed break and allow the cycle to end with you & appraise your worth.

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