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Touching Tuesday

I have met a lot of individuals who  situations have impacted my life in a positive way and inspired me to exhale when things are getting too much for me to handle. Life truly taught me that there are others who are dealing with a lot and no matter how difficult things are for them, giving up is not a option. This particular post is about one of the many stories that touched my heart. “Touching Tuesday” begins now…

Writing has always been something from a young age that I have always been into. Poems was my love during middle school but in the mist of life I would stray away from it…not really purposely but things happen. In middle school I had a huge binder of all my poems. All throughout my life I have always been quiet and because of that many of my peers saw my quietness as a form of weakness. While walking to class a classmate who I used to be very close to knocked the binder I carried all my poems in out of my hand. Since we were outside every poem in the binder went flying everywhere. 

During that time I was attending school out of my zone and because of that any little problem that I was involved in the school had the power to kick me out.  My mother was far worst then any adult that had any say over me…(I truthfully cannot understand how many kids now can be disrespectful to any person of authority) Watching *Maury* would get me on punishment because my mother wanted me to remember what would happen if I decided to act like the out of control kids on the show. *That is the type of mother I had*

Once in middle school I ended up meeting a well respected teacher who told my mother she would do her best to keep me on the right path. One day I had to stay after school because I started skipping my classes. Instead of writing me up my teacher spoke to the principal on my behalf forming a deal to not have me kicked out. 
My mother was a single mother who worked one fulltime and two part-time jobs barely getting by. *Did she have to do that? NO…but she was the true definition of a educator vs. a regular teacher* Instead of labeling me as a random “preteen  trouble maker” she searched for the behind my actions. Anytime she would have conversations with my mother neither one of them would feel me in on their frequent conversations. 

Later on after many years had passed by…I recalled seeing her abituary in the local news paper. My mother called to see if I happened to see it and would I attend her funeral with her. (ANYONE THAT KNOWS ME PERSONALLY KNOW I DO NOT ATTEND FUNERAL) In order to sway me into attending my mother and I went to lunch…the topic was their frequent conversations that I always wanted to know about. 

I spoke briefly before about my cutting but not in-depth of the many reasons behind it. My teacher seen it and brought it to my mother’s attention not necessarily because of she noticed it but also she once a cutter as well. My teacher would have conversations with my mother to try and determined what was really going on personally to make me want to harm myself. She was molested by her family member and strangely enough so was I. Her story still touch me to this very day because of the fact her situation never stopped her from graduating highschool and didn’t prevent her at all from obtaining a college degree.  Who’s to say you cannot go to the top even though your mind tricks you to think you cannot accomplish every goal you set for yourself? The unbelieving part is if my mother never told me her story I would have never knew it. My math teacher always kept a smile on her face. Yes, I certainly attended her funeral and will always keep her inspirational story going! 

*TOUCHING TUESDAY* ( It’s now Wednesday but better late than never right👀🙏

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