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Do I…

For a long time I could not answer the question many ask themselves “DO I LOVE MYSELF ENOUGH?”

  1. Enough to love myself after having someone else mistreat me?
  2. Enough to refuse to accept anything less than what I know I deserve?
  3. Enough to settle?
  4. Enough to live unapologetically with or without the acceptance of others?
  5. Enough to challenge myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually?
  6. Enough to love myself even if many do not have the same type of love for me?
  7. Enough to rise again after each time life knocks me down?
  8. Enough to forgive others who have done wrong by me?
  9. Enough to understand I am not a perfect person & acknowledge I am not?
  10. Enough to let the past go & concentrate on the future in order to make it better than the past?
  11. Enough to “THINK” before I “SPEAK” out of my mouth?
  12. Enough to “turn the other cheek”?
  13. Enough to not pass judgement on others as if I am the Judge as well as the Jury?
  14. Enough to understand it’s not what THEY call me, its only what I myself answer to?
  15. Enough to see past my failures & see them as only stepping stones to something much greater?
  16. Enough to want only the best for myself?
  17. Enough for admitting I do have flaws but not allowing my flaws to define me?
  18. Enough to understand everything do not need a response?
  19. Enough to constantly see the rainbow after each storm I enter into?
  20. Enough to respect the person I am so that others can follow my lead? 
  21. Enough to walk away gracefully from anything that is not for me?
  22. Enough to not allow anything toxic around my personal space or in my circle?
  23. Enough to learn from my mistakes in order to not repeat the cycle?
  24. Enough to know “crying is not a sign of weakness”?
  25. Enough to allow my FATHER to remove anything that is not for me out of my life?
  26. Enough to allow *Jesus to take the wheel*?
  27. Enough to no longer allow others to dictate my feelings and/or emotions? 
  28. Enough to see my beauty even if my mind want me to “THINK” differently?
  29. Enough to see the positive in every situation?
  30. Enough to put forth the effort each & every morning?

It took me a very long to become the person I am now. Many nights I found myself finding every excuse there can be under the moon to avoid answering the questions I have posted above. Being able to now answer each one motivated me to see that I am indeed headed in the right direction & stay in this positive headspace at all cost! I spoken about “🔜SIGNS🔜” in the past and being able to answer the questions was A HUGE ONE!

Now is the time to ask your own self the same exact questions or write📝your own set of questions….DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH? Comment below👇 to share a few of your answers💬 with me. I am all ears👂!!!

8 thoughts on “Do I…”

  1. I love the quote about allowing ourselves to be both a masterpiece and a work-in-progress. Often we think we’re not “enough” because we’re still works-in-progress, but we must love ourselves enough to believe we are *already* enough, and more so–we’re masterpieces. Thank you 🙂

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