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Whenever I am at my lowest the greatest SIGN I receive is complete strangers speak words of encouragement! Most would think I am just piecing any little thing together to carry on forward even though my knees are cut down to the bone. (Which is true indeed because quitting is not in my D.N.A.💪) But honestly the words of complete strangers do indeed happen. This has been so much a reoccurring cycle that I find myself not getting so worked up and breathe before anything fly out of my mouth. I do not go overboard so swiftly anymore. When I think mess is going to hit the fan someone I have never met before speak on my “Ora Color” or speak on my “Big Heart💛” or “Bright Smile😀”. 

Here are some of the reasons why I see all of those comments from complete strangers as SIGNS”.

  • Most times I have came outside and started my day after crying my eyes out all night…So the fact a complete stranger can comment on how  bright my smile is vs. how heavy & puffy my eyes are blows me out of the water. I can see someone who is familiar with me say such a thing to make me feel a certain way. Most strangers would either smile with no words or not even pay me absolutely no mind at all. 
  • Most would say after knowing me for awhile I have a humongous heart💛….But for a complete stranger to speak on me being as such at first impression leaves me speechless. When at first my friends told me I gave off the impression of being a “cold hearted” individual. 

I have decided to take things as it comes believing the entire time *I CAN, I WILL, & I HAVE*! Eventually having the FAITH TO PROUDLY SAY “AND I DID”!

Throughout the years I have became my own personal Super Hero, Motivational Speaker, Hype Man, Prayer Warrior, One Man Army, #1 Fan, & more! The list goes on especially after each minor/major obstacle I overcome new titles appear in front of my name📝.  In my last post titled “Do I”  I asked myself if I love myself enough to understand its not about what someone may call me but the only thing that actually matters is what I allow myself to answer back to. 

I wish more individuals would understand that specific 🔑 point because a lot of unnecessary drama would be avoided and more open opportunities would be open for the taking!  I am just being honest because that issue was one of mine and once I was able to understand if I found a issue with the name I was being referred as sooner or later my silence and failure to acknowledge the person would convince him or her to try another name IF my acknowledgement was truly needed.  
Since I received my 🔜 *SIGN* YESTERDAY & in the spirit of “PAY IT FORWARD” I want to give anyone that is desperately looking for theirs…allow me to give you the sign you are seeking 👀

This is for everyone that is fighting Depression, Anxiety or anything associated with a mental health diagnosis…👇

If you are feeling as if that fear is suffocating you…this is for you 👇


If you feel as if the you are tired of trying to push through this is for you👇

Take your power back👇

Keep going👇

Whichever relate the most to you THESE ARE YOUR SIGNS OR SIGN! 


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