The Unique Blogger Award

THANK YOU SO MUCH Scarlettsbpdcorner for the nomination I am beyond grateful for it. She is a new blogger who speaks out about her Mental Health journey which I am extremely proud that she is letting her voice out by her creating this wonderful BLOG! 


My Three Questions are…

  1. QUESTION= Why did you choose the avatar you have? ANSWER= You will see that I change my avatar every so often but every avatar I change into is reflection of how I actually see myself as. ( I am a African American young adult woman who rocks her actual natural hair from time to time😂.)
  2. QUESTION= Do you choose to share your blogging experience with people you know in real life & if so to what extent? ANSWER= Only a selective few actually knows because I actually started blogging many years ago. *To be exact 8 years ago was when I first started💻✒.*
  3. QUESTION= Do you think your blogger persona differs from your real life personality? ANSWER= Yes & No because everything is coming from my past experiences. There is a time and a place for everything so if someone is confiding in me about something that I have dealt with then I will share in order to point out the person is not alone. Now, I have had my share of “FAKE FRIEND” many who would use my past against me as if I should feel ashamed or allow it to screw me up mentally as well as emotionally. I will ever give anyone the satisfaction of seeing me breakdown publicly but if he/she has I will never stay down for too long despite my actual emotions. 

    Disclaimer-I made that mistake plenty of times and screwed up my trust with males and females. This is something I am YET STILL WORKING ON👫.  Maturity has taught me that staying guarded all time is pointless & in order to break the cycle I must come to terms with the TRUTH…which is certain individuals will in fact hurt you as well as treat you horribly. That is a known fact & despite how I may  have treated him/or her my intentions was pure. “HURT PEOPLE, HURT PEOPLE” because of that I want to break that cycle and just because someone treated me horribly I have no right to inflict pain on anyone as if the person had prior knowledge of the numerous reasons I am upset. Whatever is going on in my personal life should not affect the way I am with a complete stranger because the same applies to him/ or her. I have absolutely no clue what maybe going on with their personal life. WHY WOULD I WANT TO ADD TO THEIR PROBLEMS?! I am  DETERMINE TO BREAK THE CYCLE!


    2. WHITNEY
    3. HHHIGH
    4. JAMES
    8. MJTD

      My 3 question are

      • When did you first start blogging?
      • What motivated you to start your page?
      • Which season do you like the most?


      • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
      • Answer the questions.
      • In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
      • Ask them 3 questions.

                     PASS IT ON!

      31 thoughts on “The Unique Blogger Award”

      1. Ooooh so much I learned from this especially the part about hurt people, took me a long time to really leg go of the hurt one gave to me, but like you I just knew the cycle was something I didn’t want to continue rite or wrong, such wisdom you have

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        1. Thank You, I am still learning new things about myself I had no clue still existed each day. For along time I allowed my heart hold me hostage from fear of getting hurt yet again like before in my past. I am not 100% there yet but the fact I am making progress is a victory in itself and for that alone I AM THANKFUL🙏


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