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What Hurts The Most

Which pain hurts the most EMOTIONAL PAIN OR PHYSICAL PAIN? This is a question I find myself wondering about at different moments throughout the day because I have had my share of BOTH and because of that FACT my opinion sides with EMOTIONAL PAIN.

Reason being I have heard on many cases from women who have experienced childbirth reporting that she wanted to have a “Natural Birth” at the start but 10 minutes in was pleading with the nurse for a epidural. The physical pain seems unbearable, correct? While trading stories the question comes to me asking “Have you ever been pregnant before?” *Depending on how I feel at the time I may or may not answer but on a few occasions I actually do.* 💁GO FIGURE💁 With this particular person I reply “Yes”. Fully understanding that another question was well on it’s way and I started anticipating it what would be coming next. After a couple of minutes passed I was asked about the location of my kids. Taking a few deep breathes I replied “in heaven” before attempting to smile so she would not feel awkward. “Oh my, I’m so sorry for your lost and I could not even imagine having to deal with something like that.” TRUTH BE TOLD I AM STILL DEALING WITH IT ALONG WITH A CLOSET FULL OF OTHER THINGS! I take everything one step at a time because no one has my trust unless it’s GOD himself other than that I am best solo.

The only request I have is for my FATHER to keep is hand over me. When I start feeling depressed I play a mental video of my life and vow to never backtrack into what I once was. EMOTIONAL PAIN led myself into drinking foolishly thinking that A FEW DRINKS CALLED “PAINKILLER” WOULD STOP IT.😂


Growing up I started cutting ✂ myself. My main item of choice was a razor blade due to the sharpness of it. Truthfully I cannot speak on WHY I started in the first place but all I remember is taking part of it. I do however can remember friends of mine doing it maybe PEER PRESSURE OR WANTING BE LIKE MY FRIENDS AT THAT TIME. I also remember reading this book👇

Once my parents found out in counseling. To sum it all up even cutting could not over power the EMOTIONAL PAIN in my opinion. I tried stopping my emotional pain with cutting as I became older as well adding a few years more alcohol came to play also. Breaking my arm pain felt nothing close to the pain of giving birth to two stillborns. The intense pain of acknowledging that the guy I fell madly in love with was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Alcohol only numbed the pain for a few hours but once I became sober THE PAIN CAME RIGHT ON BACK STRONGER THAN EVER! If I had to make a choice on having to deal with either EMOTIONAL PAIN VS. PHYSICAL PAIN? I RATHER GO THROUGH THE PHYSICAL PAIN ON ANY DAY…that is something I can handle but the EMOTIONAL PAIN lingers on despite how many failed attempts to stop it.

Having EMOTIONAL PAIN is one thing but trying to make others understand it is even worse unless he/her has seen first hand the effects of such pain. At first I started noticing the people around myself would get annoyed with seeing my tears, daily struggle, and my solitary confinement that I kept myself in because of some of the experiences I went through. I actually decided not to speak of it at all as well as let those same “friends” GO.

I want to hear 👂from others who are reading this down in the comments on your take on EMOTIONAL PAIN VS. PHYSICAL PAIN…WHICH OF THE TWO IS THE WORST IN YOUR OPINION💬💬?



19 thoughts on “What Hurts The Most”

  1. I think emotional pain is worse. Whee physical pain, in general, can be intense, It is usually fleeting. Emotional pain can be felt through a lifetime. I’m so sorry you had to endure losing children like you did. My wife and I had a couple of miscarriages over the years, and I watched my brother-in-law and his wife lose a set of twins, and subsequently their marriage. I’m so, so sorry for that loss. 😕

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      1. I don’t think that will ever go away, but maybe become manageable, for lack of a better term. I feel for you. Just a question, but are you past a point where you could try for another one? Or do you even want to now?

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  2. Emotional pain is excruciating! I can’t sit through it. I can’t just be in the pain when it is emotional. Physical pain, that’s a whole different story. Eventually the body adapts, it feels less. At least, that has been my experience. Not so much with emotional pain; it never dulls.

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  3. The physical pain left… The emotional pain continues. I’m still trying to get a hold of my situation. Each day is a better day… Freedom from hurt. When you finally understand the spell you were under was not real, and when your mind replays events … A sound mind is what we pray for. Thank you. Love is the good thought. ❤️

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  4. Emotional pain takes longer to heal, if is ever does! A bone will mend, a scar will fade but that deep inside your brain torment-it is always present, the best you can hope for is that it will fade somewhat.

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  5. Seeing my Great Aunt having her hands shriveled and twisted by arthritis and living in constant agony I would have to say that physical pain can be more intense. It can be so unbearable that you literally pass out or die. On the other hand emotional scars can last a lifetime and really ruin your life or take it as well so who’s to say. When I am suffering emotionally I definitely feel like I would trade it for physical pain if that’s what it took.

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  6. Thank you for being strong to write something so personal (which I have yet to really do). A loss isn’t easy in any form and the conversations after are painfully awkward. There are plenty of times I would much rather be punched than emotionally hurt.

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    1. Thank you! One of the amazing things I discovered is the longer you run from the pain either emotional or physical it only prolongs the healing process. Have you ever heard the saying “Everything that’s in dark will eventually comes to the light”? This implies to everything because our bodies are designed to build up tolerance against familiar & common things. Sooner or later you will have to deal with the thing you are afraid to face. You are currently on the right track because of your blog. I strength did not in anyway happen over night or even a year. When you feel strong enough you will write about it☺. I agree with you about emotional pain.


  7. I think emotional pain is worse. I have been hurt to the core where I cannot think, my whole body is shaking, I get irrational. That is the worst! I can live through and cope with emotional pain.

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