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Trust Your SOUL

Your gut speaks to you but your soul helps sort out what is CORRECT VS. what is FALSE FOR YOU. When certain obstacles stand in your way be sure to sort out the two because nothing last forever and your SOUL will not move you in the wrong direction. In LIFE we tend to tense up with every single discomfort and cave in once things go off before holding in there waiting for the storm to pass and follow your SOUL IN THE CORRECT DIRECTION FOR YOU.

Allow your soul to help you determine what is CORRECT vs. what is FALSE FOR YOU . Never allow your emotions to cloud your judgement and dwell on the *WHAT MAY BE OR NOT MAY BE*. Confidence is a wonderful gift to have possession of because it is not all about your outer beauty but most importantly having confidence in your inner beauty as well. In my opinion inner beauty consist of having FAITH in your God given abilities and refusing to allow someone to speak differently about how “YOU SHOULD FEEL ABOUT EACH OF THEM”. Just because someone has achieved great success in a certain amount of time why should you feel ashamed because its taking you much longer? Success has absolutely no expiration date or deadline and you will get their when the time is correct for YOU. Judging yourself based on someone’s elses LIFE will only create much more stress on yourself. Do you want to be happy or overwhelmed for the rest of your life? 💡The choice is yours to make👉choose confidently and wisely👈!

⏳Quick Remission⏳

Asking questions is the FIRST step in the process of confidently moving forward in life. Just because you have asked does not speak on your intellectual frame of mind or mental state. Asking questions merely means you WANT to move forward vs. GIVING UP & QUITTING altogether. The same exact way you made the decision to speak up and ask the question. Others have the same exact decision to whether reply with an answer/or solution to your question. The next important step that comes after is to not allow one unheard response to keep you in a rut for too long because your determination will not allow you stop moving. Which in a domino effect your SOUL will in fact help you decide whether something is CORRECT FOR YOU OR WHAT IS NOT RIGHT FOR YOU.

Putting yourself first doesn’t necessarily mean you are placing others behind you but by concentrating on what is in your best interest and move forward at a certain point you will be able to reach down and help others up. Before you are able to HELP others you must FIRST HELP YOURSELF CONFIDENTLY!

Not only does LIFE have a unique way of humbling you but LIFE also have a way to allow your SOUL to guide you down the correct path for you. Take as much time you need to sit back and gather all of the much needed information you are seeking in order for you to allow your SOUL to guide you wisely based on who you truly are.

PAYING-IT-FORWARD is a motto I gladly take to heart. When you inflict emotional pain or physical abuse on someone without knowing first hand many can only *ASSUME* how it may feel so how can you generally become mad at the person for not understanding how you may feel? In order to fully understand someone emotions you have to be able to see through their lenses. Experiences are the foundation of our LIFE’S JOURNEY.

QUESTION🔉How many have judged another person so quickly in the past but had to pause for a moment when you found yourself in a similar situation? Going backwards solves absolutely nothing and in my personal opinion attempting to do so is absolutely pointless but what you DO HAVE FULL CONTROL OVER IS whether or not you want to take the lesson that was taught to you and use it throughout your LIFE’S JOURNEY and help those who are in a similar situation so that the person can continue the cycle by PAYING IT-FORWARD.


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