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Who Are You

That question has been a recurring question I hear others as well as myself ask from time to time. Do you also ask yourself this particular question? The question has also left me stuck in my quest for happiness as well. Can you imagine forgetting who you are and the moment you wanted just a tiny bit of motivation or inspiration the only thing you hear are backhanded insults but once you turn back to face those same individuals each want to voice how PROUD of you he or she is. The ironic part is just because someone else ASSUME you are that exact same lost person you were once before why spend precious time and voice a response?

💡THINK ON IT FOR A MOMENT IF YOU WILL💡 After awhile your voice will become hoarse to the point you will have a difficult time using your voice for what it was designed to be used for. Allow your path to speak on your behalf.

I can remember a specific song that I would not allow myself to listen to because my DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, & PAIN would literally skyrocket through the roof.

Emeli Sandé “Sweet Architect”👈

Follow the link above to artist YOUTUBE channel (I have no ownership to the song or channel)

It took me a very long to actually listen to her entire song and I realize after all this time I now understand the reason behind it.

Oh sweet architect
My bones are heavy and my soul’s a mess
Can’t find my address
Build me up, build me up
Oh sweet architect
I’ve been lonely since the day you left
So come find my address
And build me up, build me up

Check Out The Entire Lyrics Here

It takes someone to seek help to fully accept it and want to do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO ACHIEVE THE HELP HE OR SHE IS REQUESTING. If you would have asked me in the past if I wanted help with my DEPRESSION I would have said “NO” because I thought everything was under control. Depression have such a vile and negative stigma attached to it that most figure struggling behind closed doors is their only option. Your anxiety shoots through the roof when whispers are made near yourself because most are not strong enough to peel back the layers and reveal their truth. DEPRESSION comes in countless shapes and sizes so attempting to point out someone who may “look the part” is not always the case. Someone who has several healthy bank accounts can STILL be diagnosed with it. Just because some can say having money will end theirs but what do you say for those who has financial security but yet still the person struggles on a daily basis because of it? So money for some is not the problem. Depression & Anxiety impact the lives of each individual differently.

That is one of the reason why I say everyone is unique and original. Even for those who have other struggles that no one may seem to understand you are UNIQUE & GIFTED JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU! EVEN THOSE WHO HAVE A HARD TIME OPENING UP TO PEOPLE THAT IS PERFECTLY FINE TOO. IT DOESN’T CHANGE HOW UNIQUE YOU ARE. JUST BE YOU! That is one of the best things you can do.

In my personal situation being able to listen to her song mean that not only did the ARCHITECT build me back up better than ever but also the ARCHITECT helped me memorize my ADDRESS to the point I greatly doubt I will be able to lose my ADDRESS EVER AGAIN.

20 thoughts on “Who Are You”

      1. Thanks for replying me. This reply means alot to me.

        Such an awesome way of replying someone.
        Thanks. Again.

        You welcome dear friend.

        You can also check on my blog for the recent post and say your own views and contribution on it.
        I did a good post about sharing and caring.

        Enjoy this lovely week.

        Peace ✌and Love ❤

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  1. Good post, thank you. A friend of mine struggles with recurrent and severe depression, then, so far, has re-emerged from the darkness to do amazing things… rebuilding from the ground up. Very best wishes and thank you for your like on my post just now.

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