Let's Talk, Monday-Sunday Inspiration


I can recall being in gym class while one half of the class is on the left side, the rest of the class is on the opposite side. Each student is holding the rope pulling toward themselves and depending on the strength of one side determines which side succeeded in the given task at hand. Gym class was my least favorite class to participate in. Let’s just say P.E. in my belief was not designed for me! I found myself on many different occasions refusing to participate in the class. My biggest fear when I did was disappointing the side I was unfortunately placed on. At the time my mind would count me out even BEFORE giving myself a fair shot!

I would prefer to sit out and accept a failing grade without acknowledging the fact of each time I did actually participate the side I was placed on always won. Even though some may credit each win to “LUCK” sadly I was unable to give myself even that and the issue became a recurring problem in my adulthood also.

It took me awhile to have faith in myself to the point that having negativity in my ear could not pollute my mind and convince me to GIVE UP on the major situations as well as the minor ones that has been sent my way also. Little by little everything will workout, right?

One of my loyal readers thought I was no longer here or on my other social networks because of the name change and that is why I changed it quickly back!

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