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Have you ever felt as if your life is missing something? I have no idea if my Depression is causing me to over think every little thing that is happening in my life or my anxiety is attempting to takeover but while I am standing still everything around me is spinning uncontrollably forcing me to panic nonstop. The best reminder that helps me regain my composure in all of this is the fact that despite my brain trying to convince me that I am on a island all by myself is the knowledge of knowing I am not alone at all. I had to realize that my struggle is being fought by countless of others on a daily basis. Why give up when you can be a positive example for others? Never allow your current situation to determine the ending of your book because the book is only over once you make the decision to put the pen down. You never know who may eventually pick it up and decide to follow your steps. I prefer to be a positive example no matter what may be happening in my life and yes I know firsthand how hard it can be at times but pick up the pen and keep writing.

You are not the first to be going through it and will most certainly not be the last!

My story is not even halfway completed yet because everyday I am learning new things, letting go of the things I cannot control, and accepting the best life has to offer while remembering to grateful for all of it. Every negative situation is a learning experience! Nothing happens without reasoning behind it! Take the time to understand it and if you are a visual person like myself…write it down to keep it as a reminder just in case life test you again with a similar situation. Give yourself credit for making it out of all the things you thought was impossible to because doing just that has helped me tremendously. I still find myself at times wanting to yell “SCREW IT” and live carelessly thinking no one gives a care about what happens to me but how can I expect others to care when I created a mentality of not caring for my own self?

Everyday is a struggle but I will always prefer to live my life as a positive example because who knows who may one day pick up my book and begin to read it or who may be experiencing something similar and searching for a SIGN to help him or her handle it in a positive way. The exact same thing goes for anyone who is dealing with something difficult…handle it as if others are looking at you for guidance and clarity. Live your life in a positive way!

5 thoughts on “My Thoughts”

  1. I can relate to this as I have suffered from depression anxiety this year. Like you, I am now using the power of positive thinking to help me out of this hole. I believe I was meant to go through this to give me a better understanding so I can now help others too.

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