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Do Not Give It Life

I have actually discovered that the things that has kept me down for years is a result of me giving LIFE to the problems. Sounds quite confusing but allow me to explain indepth about my reasons behind the statement.

Many are unaware of the fact that once you give any situation the power to keep you mentally hostage…you have actually allowed it to. This is something I am guilty of also. For many years I kept myself mentally hostage due to certain situations that I was unable to handle. Instead of facing the situation head on I would try to hide from it or numb it down with medication as well alcohol or whatever I felt at the time would make it temporary go away not thinking it may be gone for now but will comeback with vengeance. You cannot enjoy everything the world has to offer in a mental prison that you placed your own self in.


“Every locked door was once UNLOCKED🔐So it can be open again.”

Even the most skilled captain sometimes lose site of the shore but what makes him stand out from the crew is while the crew run around in panic & despair the captain keeps sailing ⛵ because even though the captain cannot see the shore, the captain knows the shore is out there and determined to reach it.

LIFE is the ship and sometimes due to Depression and/or other obstacles we have lost sight of the shore but instead of acting like the crew of the ship strive to become the CAPTAIN of the ship. Remember the shore is in fact out there whether you can see it or not. Remain focus on your destination instead of focusing on not visibly being able to see.

Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Petter Pan, and Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother all have one humongous important factor that many do not pay attention of which is *WE GAVE THEM LIFE*. No child or parent has actually laid eyes neither one or more of them but many kids believe of their existence because society given each one LIFE. It is only when the child discovered for themselves that each one does not exist but at one point he or she did. Still to this day we give each one LIFE by making our children believe and the cycle goes on.

Do you understand how mighty our tongues are? Even motivational speakers proves it as well. When one ask for the crowd to repeat after themselves.



Think seriously about it. Why he or she make the crowd do it? THERE IS REAL POWER IN THE TONGUE! DO NOT GIVE IT LIFE! Think before you speak vs. Saying it first and thinking after the fact.

13 thoughts on “Do Not Give It Life”

  1. This is all so linked beautiful with a self-esteem course I started, endured and completed last year. It was the best thing I ever did and changed how I viewed the world and more importantly how I viewed myself 💃🏼

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