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You May Assume

EVEN when you think you are invisible the earth still has your footprints embedded in the soil.

YOU MAY think your cries are the only echoes that others around you hear but your laughter echoes are much more louder which over powers the sound of your cries.

YOU MAY think no one will miss your smile but you forget that one smile from you can not only light up a room but can also inspire others to smile due to the fact that your smiles are contagious.

YOU MAY assume your existence serves no purpose but every time life knocks you down with all the strength it has…meanwhile each time you rise back up you do so with vengeance.

YOU MAY assume you are not strong enough but look back & remember how many times you prove everybody wrong by beating the odds.

YOU MAY assume giving up is your only option but look how far you already came.

YOU MAY assume that you have no fragrance but every type of flower become extremely jealous whenever you walk by.

YOU MAY assume your life is hard but look around & see your life isn’t the worse.

YOU MAY assume you are having financial problems but take time out & see the number of the homeless.

YOU MAY assume that no one will miss your presence if choose to leave this world but you do not know the exact number of the lives you have touched.

YOU MAY assume you are incapable of loving yourself but if others can; why cannot you? Look in the mirror and allow yourself to look past the physical and acknowledge the true beauty of your heart & soul. No amount of make-up is needed to enhance the beauty of those two.

YOU MAY assume God cannot hear your cries for help but who do think helped you out of the last situation you made it out of still fully intact?

YOU MAY assume each suicide attempt you tried failed by your own wrong doing but concentrate on the amount of countless of others who attempted the same as you but are no longer with us. Each person on this earth has a unique, crafted, specific, and important purpose! Nothing is by chance and everything we do in our lives bring us a few inches closer to finding it. Instead of sitting around thinking of your mistakes, GET UP & CHASE AFTER THE UNKNOWN! ASSUME NOTHING & EXPECT THE BEST FROM EVERYTHING LIFE HAS TO OFFER YOU!

46 thoughts on “You May Assume”

  1. This had to have been the most heartfelt, real and emotional posts I have ever read. It was absolutely breathtaking and I really can not ever thank you enough for sharing this! I want to print this out and hang it at my desk at work! Truly beautiful!!!

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        1. 💜Thank you and I appreciate what you are doing as well. Its easy to allow the blows life has sent your way to keep you down but many cannot do what you are doing and that is fight to get back up each and everytime!💜


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