The Cup Is Always Refillable

While getting my thoughts together I was told “do not look at the glass half full or empty”. Hearing that saying caused me to look at the cup in a different angle when I focus on my daily life I live on a day to day basic. Growing up I would see my life’s cup half full. Most young teens actually do because in their mind many think *That time runs slow & shrug it everything off*

  1. “If I don’t pass this school year I can redo it next year.” 
  2. “I do not have to finish my homework tonight…My teacher gives everyone time before class start to do homework then.”
  3. “I can stay home from school and make up today assignments tomorrow.”
  4. “My family member will forgive me for taking their car without permission because I am just a teen.”
  5. “Using illegal drugs is no problem really because everyone my age is doing it.”
  6. “Having sex with multiple guys or girls doesn’t make me THOT”.
  7. “Sending naked pictures of myself will only make people like me…If anyone says anything about it… well, they are just hating on me”. 

Time does not march to anyone’s beat but God (my personal opinion). So by only seeing your glass half full allows your mind to trick you into believing you have all the time in the world. No one knows when their time runs out…so why procrastinate in becoming the person you are destined to be? Granted, at that age rarely think like I’m describing because I was just like them and thought I can wait because I have time. Before I was 21 acholol and I had a very intense relationship already but once I became legal the the joy I once had for it evaporated. By wanting to grow up faster than I was meant to caused me to only live in the moment and suddenly my wish came true. The normal things that some individuals my age experienced gradually throughout their life I already had. MY VISION OF LIFE’S CUP BACK THEN WAS HALF FULL.
Once I started to mature gradually the same cup I believed without a doubt was half full shifted my mind into only seeing it as half empty. *Can you see the magical tricks the human mind can play when you allow yourself to be completely open to negativity?* Instead of focusing on everything I overcame and accomplish…my thoughts became comparing other’s achievements to my own.

  1. “So & so just got married, there has to be something wrong with me if men keep passing over”. (Even though the person who just got married divorced after their 1st yr. Or this is their third marriage) Even though the truth someone’s mind can block it out while having you focus on nothing but the negative qualities.
  2. “Why did I take a year off college; it’s no way I can go back now…I’m too old”? One of the greatest things about finishing your education…it has absolutely no time limit all. The only think that has the power to stop you is *YOURSELF*. When you speak negativity on any situation you have to keep in my the saying that says “there is power in the tongue”…which means once it leaves your mouth you sadly spoke it into existence.

*Positive thoughts actually brings positive results.* With that being said I decided to not concentrate on neither if my glass is half full or half empty…I prefer to focus entirely on the fact that no matter how low my cup my be I should constantly remember that my cup is always refillable! I can always find a bigger glass when it seems extremely close to overflowing; I also refill my cup when it starts running low. If you cannot see something at the angle you are looking at without any hesitation you have the ability & power to change your position/angle. If you want something but at this present time you feel it’s impossible…Like I have mentioned before YOU CANNOT SPELL *IMPOSSIBLE* without placing the word *POSSIBLE* and that’s a sign in itself to keep pushing forward💪

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