Rollercoaster Ride

The way my depression works is it makes me go and down as if I am on my own personal rollercoaster ride. Meditation has indeed taught me to stay grounded despite the many twist, turns, and sudden drops that may be presented. Some of my loved ones think when I go silent that there has to be something wrong but at the same time my coping mechanisms is just that *MINE*. The moment I tune everything as well everyone out, only then I am able to concentrate on solely the voice in the silence. 

I became so in love with the voice I hear during my Meditation process the peace I am given is indescribable but however everyone I believe should give it a test drive.  Not only does it help me mentally but also physically as well. With the type of depression I deal with for almost two years I refused to get out of bed if I didn’t have to work my bed was where I would be since I had no will to move. For example lets say I would have three days in a row off…I would stay in my bed for all three days. My will was stripped from me and it took me a extremely long time get it back. Now that I have my will back I cannot allow anything to steal it ever again. 

The things that would usually make tears fall from my eyes doesn’t now have that same power over me preventing me from hiding my gorgeous smile. Instead of running away from my problems I courageously face it head on with ease and grace. In a few of my earlier post I speak on “Paying It Forward”. In middle school I remember watching the movie as falling in love with the actual meaning behind it. Do you understand how far one simple gesture can influence the world in a positive way?! It takes one person to do a kind gesture to someone and that one gesture can allow that same individual to in return do the same for another and become a full blown domino effect all over the world…

For example in real life I was  in line at a grocery store. A customer gave the cashier $200.00…seems normal to you but does it still seem normal after I tell you the customer’s total was only $10.50? The only requirement of the customer was for the cashier to use the money for every customer silently until it ran out. The customer quietly told the cashier to say the total and while handing over the receipt simply tell them that their balance was taken care of. When you think of it who would truly try to dispute something of the sort when it kept money in their pocket? Everyone walked out with a smile on their face or laugh with a look of confusion but eventually smiled later on because of it. Just one simple gesture went along way. It doesn’t have to be anything financial…You can open the door for someone who has their hands full, or pick up something that a individual has dropped, help someone with directions, or even give someone who is walking a ride….Paying It Forward has endless examples and just find one that fits with you.

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